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Looking for a challenge? Broaden your horizon by adding an extra programme to your Master’s!

As a student at the University of Twente (UT), you have many opportunities to expand your knowledge outside your own Master’s as well. Are you up for a challenge? Gain additional meaningful and multidisciplinary skills and knowledge to be able to respond to societal challenges and questions even more effectively. Complementing your Master’s with an additional programme might be the perfect way to do so.

Combine two master's  

You have the opportunity to extend your Master’s in Industrial Engineering & Management with another master’s at UT, for example with Applied Mathematics or Civil Engineering.  

A double master’s programme is always tailor-made. If you’re interested in combining the Master’s in IEM with another master’s, please contact the programmes' study adviser for your options. Your plan for combining two master’s needs approval from both Boards of Examiners. For the Master's in IEM the study advisers are:

ir. C. ten Napel (Cornelis)
Academic counselor
drs. E.W.G. van Zeijts (Ellen)
Academic Counsellor IEM

Master Honours programme

Excellent students can take part in one of our Master Honours Programmes: an extracurricular, broadening programme of 15 EC. Such a programme gives you, alongside your Master’s, the opportunity to enrich your knowledge, skills, and experiences outside your own discipline. Upon successful completion of the programme, you receive a certificate and an Honours Pin.


The Master Honours is an extracurricular programme and not an individual study programme. You follow this alongside your Master’s, so please note that it increases your workload on top of your regular study load. The Honours Programme comprises 15 EC, which means you spend an extra 10 to 14 hours a week studying.  

We advise you to start with your Master's first, before applying for a Master Honours Programme. A couple of months of studying will help you to decide whether a Master Honour Programme will be feasible for you. You can discuss this option with your study adviser.

If you do decide to apply for an Honours programme, note that acceptance is based on a selection procedure. Honours programmes are aimed at master's students who are among the top 10% of their class. 

Curious about what students have to say about our Honours programmes? Check out the video below.

Master-Insert ‘Shaping Responsible Futures’ 

Do you envision what the future should look like and are you socially engaged? Do you have the ambition to go beyond your comfort zone and create societal impact? The University of Twente offers you the opportunity to incorporate the Transdisciplinary Master-Insert within your Master's. This is a full-time study programme of six months (30 EC) which means you put your regular Master's on hold for half a year.

You can also follow parts of the Master-Insert, through packages of 10 or 20 EC, making it easier to incorporate it into your Master's. In some cases, you can even use (part of) your elective space to follow part of the Master-Insert, as long as it complies with your own Master's.

Study duration and costs

Keep in mind that expanding your Master's with the Master-Insert has consequences for the duration and finances of your studies. Scholarships do not cover this extension of your Master's. 

Using tools and techniques from across disciplines, you will work in transdisciplinary ways on addressing complex societal challenges, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Together with curious, passionate, and inspiring students and enthusiastic academics from all over the university, you become part of a unique learning community that allows you to become an accomplished boundary-crosser and build confidence as a future change-maker.

The Master-Insert is open to all enrolled master’s students at UT. However, admission is based on your motivation. On successfully completing the full programme, you will receive a certificate in Shaping Responsible Futures.  

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