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Master Honours programme

Are you talented, intellectually interested, and motivated? Then the Master Honours Programme is the right place for you!

The Master Honours programme is an extracurricular broadening programme of 15 EC in which talented, intellectually interested and motivated students are challenged to enrich their knowledge, skills, attitude, cooperations, and experiences outside their own discipline. Each student follows one of the multidisciplinary tracks in which they are encouraged to develop themselves in a setting comprised of passionate teachers and diverse students.

Please notice that the Master Honours programme is an extracurricular programme and not a study programme.

Our approach

Track-based education

To tailor your Honours experience to your needs and to allow you focussing on specific skills you want to develop, you can choose from three tracks, each having a unique character and developmental goals.

Discover our tracks
Design Honours

The Master Design Honours is a programme that will guide you through a full design process, integrating both technological and societal challenges. These challenges are rooted in the research of various engineering labs at the University of Twente. In this programme, you will work in small design teams. You will develop your skills in mastering complex design problems and creating novel solutions.  

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Research Honours

The Master Research Honours is an individually tailored programme that offers you additional knowledge and skills in the areas of research management, research publishment, and (PhD) research proposal development. Through extra courses, training, and meetings, the program supports excellent UT master students that are in their graduation phase to develop knowledge and skills in the area of academic research.

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Change Leaders

The Master Honours Change Leaders focuses on developing one’s personal leadership skills during the execution of projects. Examples of projects are: organizing an event as a board member of an association, starting your own business, or initiating a project. Furthermore, an internship or MSc thesis project potentially qualifies as a change project in which your leadership skills will be honed by this programme. 

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For Ambitious and Motivated students

The Master Honours programme is worth 15 EC, meaning that the average workload is about 10-14 hours per week. This is a significant increase in workload on top of a regular Master's programme students have to take into account. However, experience shows that students who meet the admission requirements and have sufficient motivation should be able to successfully finish both programmes nominally. Students who successfully complete the Master Honours programme receive a certificate and an Honours Pin.

Inspiring and Intense Sessions

Unlike regular lectures, Honours sessions take place in small groups of diverse students guided by the best teachers and researchers the University of Twente has to offer. Since students are shaping their own education and are responsible for their own developmental goals, all students are expected to take an active role in the programme and in the Honours Community. 

Events & Activities

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