Integrated Devices and Systems

This specialization belongs to the master's programme Electrical Engineering.

Integrated Devices and Systems deals with silicon circuit technology, with a primary focus on IC processing, device characterization and reliability, device physics and modelling.

This specialization teaches you all about silicon circuit technology and focuses on three main areas. The first, IC Processing, is concerned with the fabrication of new on-chip components (CMOS wafer post-processing), incorporating features such as LEDs, high-quality passives and gas sensors into a CMOS process (novel devices) and exploring the world of nanotechnology in the shape of novel thin films, nanocrystal memories, ultrathin silicon and silicon nanowires.

The second, Device Characterization and Reliability, deals with novel characterization methods to measure the capacitance-voltage relationship, the improvement of characterization methods to measure contact resistances and the reliability of MOS devices, interconnections and novel devices.

The third, Device Physics and Modelling, addresses the problem of understanding and modelling ultra-thin silicon that has almost ceased to be three-dimensional, and looks at possible techniques for modelling a bulk-acoustic-wave resonator or silicon LEDs.

The specialization Integrated Devices and Systems is directly linked with the researchgroup Semiconductor Components and research institute MESA+. This means you will have excellent peer guidance and will be working on the newest challenges.

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