Lab on a chip Systems

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This specialisation belongs to the Master's Electrical Engineering.

Lab on a chip Systems focuses on electrical, fluidic, and optical functions integrated in a microsystem in (bio)chemical and medical fields.

A ‘lab on a chip’ (LoC) consists of electrical, fluidic, and optical functions integrated in a microsystem, and has applications in (bio)chemical and medical fields. The core of the lab-on-a-chip system is a microfluidic channel structure, through which fluid samples of less than a nanolitre are propelled by hydraulic, electro-kinetic or surface forces. The fluid sample is then analysed by the LoC’s circuitry. LoCs can be used for diagnostic devices in clinical measurements and in life sciences, for experiments on the microscale and nanoscale, in microreactors, for the manipulation and analysis of cells and biomolecules and in tissue engineering. You will learn more about nanofluidics and nanosensing, and about new micro and nanotechnologies for Lab-on-a-Chip systems and the potential of LoC applications.

The specialisation Lab on a chip Systems is directly linked with the research group Bios Lab-on-a-chip and research institutes MESA+ and TechMed. This means you will have excellent peer guidance and will be working on the newest challenges.

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