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Learn all about the design, implementation and evaluation of learning scenarios in schools and organisations.

How do you make sure that everyone – from primary school children to adults – gets the development they deserve? In this Master’s, you will learn all about theories of learning and assessment, learning technologies – such as serious games – effective training approaches and learning interventions. Research, design and consultancy are all deeply woven throughout this entire study programme.

From advising organisations to designing instruction materials, this Master’s provides you with hands-on experience through many (and diverse) real-life cases. You might design an instruction tool for residents of a retirement home who want to learn how to use a tablet, or you might write an actual advice report for an organisation that wants to implement e-learning tools in its development programmes. In all cases, you will turn scientific insights into meaningful solutions. You get taught by some of the best teachers and researchers in the field, as UT is leading in the field of Educational Science & Technology.

Co-decide the content of your Master’s

You have a great deal of freedom in customising your own Master’s in Educational Science & Technology, by choosing elective courses that interest you. You can choose to focus your study programme on the field of Formal Education or Human Resources Development, or you can opt for a more blended approach, by mixing electives of both fields.

Examples of courses you can follow within this Master’s:
  • In the compulsory course Trending Topics in Educational Science & Technology you get to explore the latest insights in various topics that are emergent in 21st-century learning, from digital learning tools to collaborative learning and from big data analytics to talent development.
  • How can you design an effective, online learning environment for education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics? The elective course Innovative Technology-Based Learning Environments will teach you how.
  • What is the best way to arrange professional learning in an organisation? You will find out during the elective course Regulation and Facilitation of Workplace Learning, in which you will interview an HRD manager and write an advice report for that organisation.

What will you learn?

As a graduate of this Master’s, you have acquired specific, scientific knowledge, skills and values which you can put to good use in your future career.

  • Knowledge

    After completing this Master’s, you:

    • have contemporary knowledge of systematic approaches for the development of teaching and learning environments;
    • understand the complexity of learning and its relation to its context of practice, in ways that allow you to attend to both the learner and the ecological system in which learning takes place;
    • comprehend the crucial roles of social dynamics and disciplinary expertise for shaping learning environments.
  • Skills

    After completing this Master’s, you:

    • can support others in understanding and articulating their needs, wishes, values, concerns, goals or ambitions;
    • are able to design, develop, test and improve solutions to authentic learning challenges in context;
    • can conduct scientific research in the fields of education and/or human resource development.
  • Values

    After completing this Master’s, you:

    • embrace challenge and consider this to be part of your personal learning journey and growth;
    • embody respect and maintain a positive attitude towards your work and collaborations;
    • value and engage in lifelong learning.

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