Data Science & Technology programme

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Data Science & Technology is a two-year specialization in the Computer Science Master of Science programme with a total of 120 credits.

Data science & technology programme structure

In addition to the courses below, you must also comply to the overall programme requirements of Computer Science by taking Computer Ethics, a preliminary research exploration and literature study which is part of the graduation project, called Research Topics and the Final Project.  

Core courses

The following four courses are mandatory:

Advanced courses

At least four courses should be chosen out of the following:

Prolifing space

We encourage Data Science students to further specialize in one or more of the following data science profiles:

Data Science profiles

a) specialist in specific kinds of data, such as natural language text, image data, geographic data, sensor data, networked data
b) designer of smart services
c) designer of data science algorithms
d) multi-disciplinary researcher

The following are suggested courses for the profiling space:
(a) Natural Language Processing 
(a) Speech Processing
(a) Image Processing and Computer Vision 
(a) Advanced Research Project in Information Retrieval
(a,b) Privacy-Enhancing Technologies
(a,c) Complex Networks
(a,c) Algorithms for Geographic Data
(b) Advanced Architectures of Information Systems
(b) Electronic Commerce
(b,d) Telemedicine and Data Analysis for Monitoring
(c) Modeling and Analysis of Concurrent Systems 1
(c) Time Series Analysis
(c) Signals with Information
(c) Graph Theory
(c) other courses on fundamentals and algorithms of signal processing, stochastic processing, etc.
(d) Advanced Techniques for Signal Analysis
(d) other courses on data analysis from fields like health/medicine, social sciences, business sciences, bio-informatics.

More specific information can be found on the programme website for enrolled students.

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