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Data scientists are the driving force behind the successful innovation of Internet companies like Google, Twitter and Yahoo. Likewise, service scientists are the key professionals responsible for service innovations in many domains. There is an increasing call for data scientists, data analysts and web service engineers in job advertisements. On completing this specialization you will also be eligible for jobs in fields related to data mining or machine learning.

This Master’s degree will offer you employment opportunities in research, development and operations in any organisation that uses information and technology-enabled business processes, while also using the analysis of data underlying those processes to improve its organisational performance. Organisations like this exist in all sectors, particularly in finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, transportation, logistics, and public administration.

Examples of jobs include: 

After you graduate

As a graduate, you will have thorough knowledge of the management of large volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, including sensor data, multimedia data, textual data, geographic data, and social data. You will also be able to design solutions in these areas. You will be able to analyse large volumes of generated data and make scientific decisions based on such data sets. The algorithms underlying data science techniques will also be familiar to you in terms of their fundamental basis in theory (probability theory, statistics, information theory, etc.). On top of that, you will have thorough knowledge of methods and techniques for the design and analysis of smart services, including those applicable to all stages of an information system's life cycle (requirement analysis, architecture design, realization and maintenance) and subsystems that make up information systems.

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