What is transport engineering & management?

This specialization belongs to the master's programme Civil Engineering Management.

This specialization focuses on the engineering, socio-economic, spatial and environmental aspects of traffic and transport systems in relationship to human behaviour.

The specialization in Transport Engineering & Management fouses on the behaviour, performance and management of traffic and transport systems. You will learn about the engineering, socio-economic, spatial and environmental aspects of these systems and about various aspects of human behaviour in respect to their potential use.  You will learn to take an integrated approach to studying travel demand, infrastructural supply, maintenance, performance and control and to apply methodological perspectives to modelling, strategic planning, evaluation methods and dynamic optimization. Within this specialization two profiles have been defined:

  • Transport Planning and Modelling, with courses such as Planning and Process Management, Transport Modelling,Land Use and Transport Interaction and Sustainable Transport. More on courses in this profile.
  • Smart Transport Systems, with courses such as Mathematical optimization in Transport, Traffic Operations, Traffic Management and Intelligent Transport Systems.
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