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Which of the four specialisations suits you best?

At the start of your Master’s in Civil Engineering & Management, you will choose a specialisation. This way, by personalising your programme, you get to develop your own expertise. We offer you different kinds of specialisations and each of them has a set of specific profiles. Your choice of specialisation and profile partly determines which courses you will take and the type of research you will be involved in during your master’s thesis.

Construction Management & Engineering

Complicated supply chains and resource shortages, advances in technologies, ageing infrastructure as well as the need for sustainable, futureproof buildings and infrastructure: construction projects are becoming ever more complex, especially now that digitalisation is revolutionising the construction industry drastically. The specialisation in Construction Management & Engineering (CME) teaches you how to manage large projects within the contemporary construction industry.

Transport Engineering & Management

Mobility and transport are an important part of our everyday life. How can we improve our mobility and transport networks (for car, public transport, freight, etc.) to make transport more efficient, safe and sustainable? That’s what the specialisation in Transport Engineering & Management (TEM) is all about.

Water Engineering & Management

How can we design our living environment in such a way that we can benefit from water, but do not suffer from it? That’s the key question in the specialisation in Water Engineering & Management (WEM). You will learn to come up with smart solutions for water management through an in-depth understanding of the natural processes in water systems as well as the socio-economic processes that affect these systems.

Integrated Civil Engineering Systems

Civil engineering projects can often be characterised by enormous complexity and in many cases, they can’t be linked to just one discipline within civil engineering, such as water, construction or transport. Are you interested in integrating various facets of civil engineering and management within a specific theme or application area, such as smart cities or sustainability? If so, the specialisation in Integrated Civil Engineering Systems (ICES) is the right choice for you.

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