As a student of the specialisation in Transport Engineering & Management, you can choose a specific direction within one of two unique profiles. You can take on an integrated management approach within the profile Integrated Urban Transport or you could focus on the mathematical optimisation of traffic and transport networks within the profile Transport & Logistics.

Profile 1 | Integrated Urban Transport

Mobility is a key factor when it comes to effective urban planning. How do people get from one place to another? Which routes do they take, and what mode of transport? And how can you take this information into account when designing or improving urban infrastructures? For example, how can you provide good access to a newly developed residential area? Or what does it take to motivate people to travel more sustainably, for example by taking the bike, bus or train?

If you want to optimise traffic and transport networks, you need to take into account many factors, such as policy, spatial planning, strategy, psychology and human behaviour influence. The profile Integrated Urban Transport helps you to understand the bigger picture of infrastructure optimisation by reaching an integrated management approach.

Profile 2 | Transport & Logistics

An optimal and safe traffic flow is essential for a viable environment – especially given the worldwide urbanisation. What does it take to reduce or even prevent traffic jams, or minimise the impact of unexpected disruptions on train schedules? How can you control traffic during large road construction projects? And what about managing large crowds, during music festivals or sports events?

Dealing with the complexity of any of these challenges requires an in-depth mathematical understanding of the underlying processes. The core of the profile Transport & Logistics lies within the optimisation of traffic and transport flows through mathematical models and quantitative analyses. You will become skilled in modelling, strategic planning, forecasting and traffic control, to name some examples.

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