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During your Master’s in Civil Engineering & Management (CEM), you will collect a total of 120 EC within two years. You will follow (elective) courses related to the specialisation in Transport Engineering & Management and you will end your Master’s by writing your master’s thesis.

What your curriculum will look like exactly, depends on the choices you make within this specialisation. For example, you will choose one of the two profiles around which you will build your Master’s:

Within these profiles, you will compose a set of courses that match your interests and ambitions. These can be courses offered within this programme, but you can also choose courses beyond the Master’s in Civil Engineering & Management – for example, the Master’s in Industrial Engineering & Management, the Master’s in Applied Mathematics, or the Master’s in Geo-Information Science & Earth Observation. Find out what your curriculum looks like by choosing a profile first.

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You will end your Master’s with your master’s thesis. The choice of your graduation subject is largely up to you – and the profile you have chosen. Most students complete their graduation project at an external organisation, either in the Netherlands or abroad. This is a highly recommended option since it is a great opportunity to combine your academic skills with experience in the professional field.

Your master’s thesis could involve investigating questions such as:
  • What factors explain the use of shared modes (bikes, scooters) in a multimodal transport network and what is the influence of digital skills in the uptake of new app-based forms of mobility?
  • How can railway maintenance projects be optimised, considering hindrance for parked passenger and freight trains and the workload for track workers?
  • What factors influence traffic accidents at urban railway crossings and what are the most cost-effective measures to reduce these accidents?
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