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Did you obtain your Bachelor's at UT or another Dutch university? And are you wondering if you can transfer to this Master's at UT? 

Perhaps you need to take the Pre-Master's first to prepare yourself for the Applied Physics. Whether you are admissible, depends on your previous education. You can check below if you can enrol in the (Pre-)Master's in Applied Physics with your bachelor's degree.

Which UT master's can you follow with your previous education?

Tip: is your educational institute not listed? Check if a similar bachelor's is offered at one of the listed institutes. If that one is admissible, then you might be eligible with your bachelor's too! Just contact the study adviser if you are still trying to figure out if your bachelor's is sufficiently relevant. 

In all cases, the admission committee will conduct an individual assessment procedure to determine if you have sufficient basic qualifications in applied physics. Therefore, know that you can always apply for admission.


To qualify for the (Pre-)Master's in Applied Physics, you have to meet the following conditions:

  • Condition 1 Pre-university level (VWO) Mathematics B

    You must be able to demonstrate proficiency in mathematics B at pre-university (VWO) level. You can demonstrate this by submitting one of the following documents:

    • A pre-university level (VWO) certificate including Mathematics B;
    • A separate pre-university level certificate in Mathematics B
      - Refer to CCVX/CCVW certificate
      - Refer to Boswell Bèta
    • A certificate or other document comparable to the above, that shows proof of your mathematical and analytical skills at pre-university level.
  • Condition 2 Brush up on English

    The Master's in AP is taught in English. We strongly advise you to test your level of English.

    Take the diagnostic Dialang test on This test gives you insight into where you stand in understanding English, in listening, writing, reading, vocabulary and language structures. 

    Bear in mind that the required level of English is at least C1 on each separate subject. When you don’t meet these requirements, we recommend you to brush up your knowledge of English before starting with the (Pre-)Master’s.

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