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You are a bachelor's student at UT and interested in following a master's at UT. Smart choice!

First, find out if you can transfer directly or indirectly to the master’s of your choice with your UT bachelor’s degree. Or read the admission requirements of your desired master's enrolment procedure for specific conditions (e.g. second bachelor's/master's or following two master's at the same time).


If you graduate before 1 September from your bachelor's and you want to start a master's by 1 September, please make a request for enrolment in Studielink for your desired master's and arrange the payment of your tuition fees. After you are officially graduated with a bachelor's, the Department of Student Affairs & Services will take care of your master's enrolment.

not sure if you graduate before 1 September? Follow the unchanged re-enrolment

If you are not sure whether you graduate before 1 September for your bachelor's, please make an unchanged re-enrolment in Studielink and arrange the payment of your tuition fees. The Department of Student Affairs & Services takes care of your enrolment for the master's at a later moment and if necessary with retroactive effect by 1 September. 

In both cases, you should also report your choice for a master's to your Office for Educational Affairs.

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Student Services provides you with detailed information about the correct (re-)enrolment procedure for specific conditions (e.g. second bachelor's or master's or following two studies at the same time). Or you can find the answer in the FAQ.

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