Wherever there are people, you can contribute as a psychologist. You can research and analyse behaviour and look for practical, sometimes technological solutions for psychological issues. The ‘outside-in’ problem approach, the engineering mind-set and the understanding of technology that you will have gained at the UT will give a huge advantage on the labour market.

Opportunities in healthcare

Many of our graduates dream of working in the healthcare sector in order to help people. The Master’s specialization Health Psychology & Technology and the specialization Positive Psychology & Technology offer the perfect starting point for this ambition.

Positive Psychology and Technology

With this specialization you will meet the requirements for the Basic Psychodiagnostics Registration (‘BAPD’ in Dutch) and the training to become a Healthcare Psychologist (‘GZ’ in Dutch). It also prepares you for the additional training you will need if you wish to become a psychotherapist or child and youth therapist in Germany. For example, you can start as a (basic) psychologist in mental healthcare or in primary care, at a rehabilitation centre or hospital, or at a forensic institute. Popular and lesser-known settings in which you can find work including rehab centres, centres for the disabled or elderly, and child and youth care. If you don’t want to get to work as a practitioner, you can consider working as a researcher, designing (preventive) interventions, or becoming a policy officer, coach or advisor.

Health Psychology and Technology

With the specialization Health Psychology & Technology on your Master's degree, you will be ready to initiate and coordinate the design, implementation or evaluation of innovative interventions targeting the public, patients or care providers. You will be able to work as a researcher, a policy officer or a coordinator for Health Psychology interventions at a (inter)national health promotion institute, such as the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), the Netherland’s Nutrition Centre, hospitals or health care facilities, Community Health Services (‘GGDs’ in Dutch), or other international companies and research institutes.

Opportunities in the field of safety

During your Master's specialization in Conflict, Risk & Safety, you will learn how to develop, implement and evaluate safety interventions. You can go to work as a behavioural scientist with the police or the ministry of Defence or Justice, or as a trainer, mediator, security researcher or consultant. Another option is to become a security researcher/consultant at a university, or at an organization such as the Research and Documentation Centre, the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, or the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. With your knowledge of conflict management and related areas, you can start a career as a personnel manager, a policy officer or a consultant at a ministry or a multinational company. Safety is a domain that is becoming increasingly important – and the demand for academic expertise is growing.

Opportunities in business

Do you want to apply, or further develop, your cognitive psychology knowledge in the business world? Then the Master’s specialization Human Factors & Engineering Psychology is for you. With this track you can offer companies and institutions innovative, practical solutions for existing or new products, systems or technologies. You can work as a human factors expert, a usability expert or a consultant for a large (international) company, such as Philips, Vredestein or Volkswagen. You also have the option of working as a researcher in the field of cognitive ergonomics or cognitive psychology, for example at a university, or at an organization such as TNO or IfADo.

Opportunities in Learning Sciences

The Master’s specialization Learning Sciences also offers outstanding career perspectives. The UT is a global frontrunner with its research on individual learning processes – and especially our integration of psychological theories and the latest technologies in these learning processes. With this specialization, you can get a good job developing learning materials and learning environments, researching educational innovations and developments, or as an advisor or consultant: your knowledge will be in high demand in education, in the government, and in the business world.

Start your own business

You can also start your own business with a solution that you have developed. The UT is recognized as ‘the most entrepreneurial university’ in the Netherlands. Applying our expertise by developing solutions that are meaningful to society is one of our strengths. Together with our students, we work closely with the innovation specialists at Novel-T, who like to get involved in to promising innovative business cases.

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