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After the bachelor's programme psychology

After obtaining your Bachelor’s diploma, you can immediately enter the job market, or you can specialize by taking one of the Master’s programmes at the University of Twente or elsewhere. Most graduates opt for further studies, thereby increasing their chances of getting a job in which psychology takes central stage. Whichever route you choose, you can be sure that with your contemporary psychological expertise and your hands-on engineering approach you will be able to get an interesting job and make a meaningful contribution to society.

Recommended: our Master’s in Psychology

Many students who complete our Bachelor’s in Psychology head for our one-year Master’s programme Psychology. We highly recommend this option, as it will enable you to deepen your knowledge and skills as ‘engineer’ and problem solver in the field of psychology. It also means further strengthening your expertise with regard to technology and its impact, possibilities and threats: in all our Psychology Master's specializations, there is a strong focus on the ‘technification’ of our society – and of our profession.

With your Bachelor’s degree you have direct access to this Master’s programme.

Another popular route after this Bachelor’s: our Master’s in Educational Science & Technology

Another good option is our one-year Master’s programme Educational Science & Technology. This Master’s is a good fit if you are interested in education and training – for example, at schools or in the business world. In order to be eligible for this Master’s, you have to take an elective module in Educational Psychology in the second or third year of your Psychology Bachelor’s.

Other Master’s programmes

Of course, you can also choose a completely different Master’s programme. In most cases you will be required to complete a pre-Master’s, aimed at bringing your knowledge of the field in question up to scratch.

Our master's programme psychology

The main reason we encourage you to seriously consider our one-year Master’s programme Psychology is that it offers five unique, English-taught specializations that you will not find at any other university.

The five unique specializations are:

Positive Psychology & Technology

In this specialization, you will develop specialist clinical knowledge and skills aimed at understanding, treating and preventing mental disorders, with a unique emphasis on positive psychology and technology. This is an ideal track if you want to treat people as a psychologist. Because of its international focus, this track is a great way to prepare for a career outside the Netherlands, for example, in Germany. Are you sure you want to work in the Netherlands? Then we offer you the opportunity to practice your communication skills in Dutch during this track.

Want to know more? Go to Positive Psychology & Technology.

Human Factors & Engineering Psychology

The Master’s specialization in Human Factors & Engineering Psychology focuses on the interaction between humans and technology. After you have immersed yourself in human information processing – or cognitive psychology – you will become a specialist in designing or improving technological applications based on that knowledge. With this track, you can head for a career in business, or at a university or research institute.

Want to know more? Go to Human Factors & Engineering Psychology. 

Conflict, Risk & Safety

In this specialization, you will focus on threats to psychological, physical or societal safety, and learn to design hands-on, technologically informed interventions. With this specialization you can work with the police or the government, or as a trainer, mediator or consultant – a role in which your knowledge of conflict management, mediation, group processes and safety will prove very valuable.

Want to know more? Go to Conflict, Risk & Safety

Health Psychology & Technology

Health Psychology & Technology

The specialization Health Psychology & Technology deals with the interaction between the mind and our (physical) health. In this specialization, you will study the possibilities for promoting healthy behaviour and improving the quality of life of (chronically) ill people. Most students who follow this track later work in various roles in the healthcare sector.

Want to know more? Go to Health Psychology & Technology. 

Learning Sciences

Learning Sciences

People learn every day. Different individuals learn in different ways: each of us has our own preferences, possibilities and talents. In this specialization you will learn to explain and predict individual learning processes, with the aim of (re)developing the best possible, personalized instruction materials. This specialization will give you many opportunities in education, business or research.

Want to know more? Go to Learning Sciences

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