Study programme

The third year of Mechanical Engineering

The third year of the Mechanical Engineering programme is divided into a semester of electives and a semester centring on your graduation assignment.


You may fill the first half of your third year with subjects of your choice. For example, you might want to gain more –in-depth knowledge of subjects within your own field, such as aeronautical engineering or (bio)robotics. You can also take modules from other programmes, such as Civil Engineering, Industrial Design or (Industrial) Engineering and Management. A third option is to study abroad, or at another Dutch university. Many students choose a module that suits them and that will also give them an advantage on the job market: as a mechanical engineering graduate with additional knowledge of other fields of study, you will be welcomed with open arms by future employers.


The last six months of your studies are all about carrying out a technical and scientific research project within one of the disciplines of Mechanical Engineering. You will learn to set up and carry out research and how to critically evaluate the results. You will also take subjects on finite element methods and statistics and carry out a small project in the field of production systems engineering.

You will finish off this Bachelor's programme with a final report and presentation on the research you have done. After completing this comprehensive Bachelor's programme, you will be admissible to the Master's programme, in which you can pursue further specialization.

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