The first half of the third year of the Bachelor’s programme Mechanical Engineering is made up of elective modules (your minor). The other half is dedicated to the last step before you can call yourself a Bachelor of Science: your graduation assignment.


Modules 9 & 10: minor

You fill in the elective space at your own discretion, basing your choice on what future path you want to take.

These are your options: 

  • You can take modules that give you more in-depth knowledge of your field, such as aeronautical engineering or (bio)robotics. You can also take modules from other programmes that broaden your knowledge, like Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Design Engineering or Industrial Engineering and Management.
  • There is also the option of studying abroad or at another Dutch university.
  • Do a pre-master’s course to prepare for a Master’s programme other than Mechanical Engineering.
  • Join one of our student teams, like the Green Team, the Solar Team or the Electric Superbike Team. 
  • Is your ambition to teach? Choose the minor Learn to Teach and get a second degree teaching qualification. This allows you to work as a teacher at secondary school level.

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Modules 11 & 12: graduation

The last six months of your studies are centred on a technical and scientific research project in one of the Mechanical Engineering disciplines. You will carry out your research with one of our research groups, learning how to set up and conduct research and how to critically study the results. At the same time, you will take subjects on Finite Element Methods and Statistics, and carry out a small project in the field of Production Systems Engineering.

You finish off this Bachelor's programme with a final report and presentation on the research you have done. After completing this Bachelor's programme you are admissible to the Master's programme, in which you can pursue further specializations. 

Examples of graduation projects

When you choose the subject for your graduation project, you can take into account a Master’s specialization or programme you are interested in. Our students’ graduation projects are highly varied. Recent topics include:

  • An inhalation system for babies with upper respiratory infections that can measure airflow
  • Converting biomass into bio-oil as an alternative fuel
  • Improving print heads in a 3D printer
  • New materials for 3D printers
  • Improving the sorting process on a conveyor belt in a chip factory
  • Optimization of biolysis processes
  • Use of new fuels in old heating systems
  • Developing a finger prosthesis
  • Football robots
  • Exoskeletons
  • Improving sound absorption and recyclability in rubber tires
  • Predictive maintenance of bridges
  • Vertical take-off & landing (VTOL) of a passenger drone

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