After the Bachelor's programme Public Governance across Borders

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On completion of the Bachelor’s programme Public Governance across Borders, you have several possibilities. You can enter the job market straight away, or take your studies a step further. Whichever route you choose, you can be sure that your expertise will help you make a meaningful contribution to society.

Further studies


With your joint degree in Public Governance across Borders, you can directly enter various Master’s programmes, such as the one-year Public Administration and European Studies programmes here at the UT, or the two-year Comparative Public Governance Double Degree we offer together with the University of Muenster. These programmes are completely English-taught. 

You can also opt for a different Master’s programme at the UT or elsewhere. For some Master’s programmes at the UT, you may have to complete a pre-Master’s transition programme first.
Check the overview of Master’s programmes offered at the University of Twente

Career perspectives

With a joint degree in Public Governance across Borders – especially if you also have a Master’s degree in this field – you will have many career opportunities. Generally speaking, our graduates go to work in one of three sectors:


Having a firm base in political science and public administration, our graduates work as public leaders, (policy) advisors, or managers for and with the public sector. Many also work in companies and consultancy firms in the private sector. They are usually active in work environments that require cross-border competences.

A few examples: Some of our alumni head up embassies in foreign countries, some others direct healthcare initiatives in developing countries, one alumnus is a Human Resources manager at Schiphol International Airport, another heads up the Compliance & Forensic department at a leading consultancy. 

About one in 10 of our alumni have jobs with non-profit organizations, and one in 20 become a politician (in the Netherlands, many ministers have a background in public administration) or enter the semi-public sector.

With your solid background in public governance and your unique cross-border experiences and insights, you can pursue any of a wide range of careers at home or abroad. 

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