Public Governance across Borders

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Follow a joint international Bachelor's degree of the Universities of Twente and Münster. Become a 21st-century cross-border public administrator.

Are you eager to tackle societal challenges that go beyond the boundaries between countries, disciplines or civil domains? Do you want to develop a fresh, 21st-century view of the role government and public organisations play in our world? Do you see yourself literally crossing borders as an international student, gaining valuable interdisciplinary and intercultural experience, while also obtaining a solid academic grounding in public policy, governance and management? Then the three-year, English-taught joint Bachelor’s programme Public Governance across Borders of the University of Twente and the Universität Münster may be the perfect choice for you.

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A joint international degree that will take you further than you might expect

Public Governance across Borders is a unique Bachelor’s degree offered jointly by the University of Twente and the Universität Münster. You will spend the first year at the Universität Münster, Germany. There you will get grounded in political science, or Politikwissenschaften, and public law. The language in this first year is German. The second and third years will take you to the University of Twente, in the city of Enschede, conveniently located just across the German-Dutch border; this second part of the programme is English-taught.

Extend your boundaries in many different ways

The joint degree Public Governance across Borders will make you a boundary crosser in many different ways:

  • Study at two very different university campuses in two different languages 
  • Experience different cultures, not just German and Dutch, but many others also, thanks to the University of Twente’s strong international profile
  • Grow personally from moving to another country and exposing yourself to new perspectives on learning and living
  • Benefit from two very different educational models, as you move from a classic German model to a more interdisciplinary, project-based model in Twente
  • Prepare for an exciting career as an expert in cross-border public governance in a complex, globalizing world 

Why study public governance across borders?

  • Combine a solid foundation in political science with expertise in other key disciplines

    One exciting aspect of this joint degree is that it will give you more knowledge and expertise than most political science and public administration programmes – equipping you to play your part in tomorrow’s society. From political science you will move into the field of public administration, getting familiar with law, sociology and economics as well as European and Global Studies and research methods. You will gain a solid and rich academic grounding. This programme is an ideal stepping stone for an (international) Master’s programme of your choice and for your future career.

  • Get the best out of your Bachelor’s by making your own choices

    Another aspect of this programme is that it offers a lot of elective space – probably more than you are used to. Both in the second and the third year, you have a lot of freedom to pursue your own interests and preferences. The Student-Driven Learning (SDL) concept applied at the UT means that as a student you actively take the initiative in shaping your own learning path. This can mean choosing courses, taking an internship, or using some of your elective space to get a taste of another field, such as Psychology or Communication Science. Our staff will help you adopt the SDL approach, so that you can personalize your studies while keeping in step with the normal academic goals. As you lean into it, Student-Driven Learning will help you gain a flexibility and entrepreneurial attitude you would never develop in a lecture hall. Student-Driven Learning will help to make you a more purposeful person. It’s also a great way to prepare for tomorrow’s job market and society.

  • Gain a wealth of international, intercultural and interdisciplinary experience

    Studying at two universities in two neighbouring countries will enrich you personally and boost your career. Whether you end up in the public or the private sector, as a manager, an advisor, a researcher or an entrepreneur, you will increasingly be dealing with people, organizations and issues that transcend the traditional national, cultural and disciplinary boundaries. An added factor is the UT’s strong international profile. The colourful blend of students and staff from all over the world will prepare you for that reality. Your English will improve no end, of course. You will approach subjects and topics from a distinct cross-border perspective. And in your team projects, you will gain experience in working with team members from other countries and disciplines. This is important, because in our view, the best and most futureproof solutions nowadays emerge where different disciplines and experts meet.

  • Take part in an academic programme with an emphasis on practical application

    One of the University of Twente’s distinguishing characteristics is its practical application of scientific knowledge. Societal impact is one of our university’s core values and we have a strong focus on connecting theory with the real-life challenges of today’s society. This is an excellent way to build on the strong foundation you will develop at the Universität Münster in the first year. In every module throughout your second and third year, you will work on a team project in which you and your team mates will directly apply the knowledge you have gained to a current issue. This is the foundation of the Twente Education Model. You will make plans, work together in multidisciplinary teams, collect information, analyse, distribute tasks, report and present. You will become an academically grounded, creative problem solver. It’s different than what you might be used to – and very challenging and exciting.

  • Learn to adopt a design perspective in public governance

    As you can see, this joint programme goes far beyond classical Political Science and Public Administration. We will help you to think and act from a design perspective. You will be equipped to systematically solve complex public governance issues, using theories, research and academic and professional skills. Combining your academic level of thinking with your hands-on approach, you will be able to achieve the best results possible.

  • Prepare for a wide range of interesting Master’s programmes

    This Bachelor’s programme gives you direct access to a wide range of interesting Master’s programmes in Twente, Münster, or at universities in Germany, the Netherlands, or beyond: Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Oxford, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Vienna or Nantes – to mention just a few. Master’s programmes open to you range from top-level Public Administration and Political Science programmes, Comparative Public Governance to European Law, Innovation and the Technology of Law, Peace and Conflict Studies, Humanitarian Action, Environmental Policy and Management, or Law and Politics of International Security. A degree in Public Governance across Borders can take you further than you might expect.

  • Grow professionally and personally in our small-scale, 21st century educational environment

    In addition to thorough professional knowledge and skills, you will develop a broad set of 21st-century skills and personal competencies throughout this programme. You will learn to recognize and anticipate trends and developments. You will develop a work ethos centring on self-reflection and lifelong learning. You will be challenged to collaborate across disciplinary and cultural boundaries. You will benefit from Muenster’s outstanding education and the UT’s magnificent campus and small-scale educational environment with its informal, personal approach aimed at helping you to flourish professionally and personally. You will learn to manage tasks, to communicate and to give and receive feedback. In short: you will become a competent, internationally oriented public governance professional.

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