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After the Bachelor's in Industrial Engineering and Management

Industrial Engineering & Management graduates are highly sought after in the business world, at healthcare institutions and in government organisations. You can start your career immediately after your Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering & Management or follow a Master's first. We recommend the latter, as with a Master's degree you have considerably better chances of finding a job, even in economically difficult times. According to the WO Monitor 2017, graduates from our Master's degree programme find jobs within a month and a half of graduation on average, while 94% have a job within six months.

Further studies

Further studies after the Industrial Engineering & Management Bachelor’s

Most students who have completed the Industrial Engineering & Management Bachelor’s programme transfer to our two-year English-taught Master's programme in Industrial Engineering & Management. This Master’s offers you the choice of three unique specialisations:

Some Bachelors opt for a different Master’s degree, with or without a pre-Master's transition course. We offer various other Master's programmes that are a good match with the IEM Bachelor's degree.

 Have a look at our overview of all Master’s programmes available at the UT 

Finding a job

Career possibilities after studying IEM

Industrial Engineering & Management is among the degrees with the best job perspectives and highest starting salaries. Many of our students have a job before the end of their studies, others within just a few months of graduating. 

There is always a lot of demand for experts in this field, even if the economy is in decline. At the moment, the demand is increasing: there is an urgent need for people who have been trained to quickly grasp complicated processes, analyse complex problems and come up with real solutions. People who are analytical and have insight into the technical and mathematical aspects of problems, who know how business processes work, and who have the professional, social and entrepreneurial skills to successfully implement solutions.  

Where do graduates work?

IEM is among the degrees with the best job perspectives and highest starting salaries. There is a large diversity of possible positions. Does a job as production manager at Unilever appeal to you? Do you see yourself working as a financial analyst at Philips, a logistics account manager at Coca-Cola, or a chief planner at Friesland Campina? If healthcare appeals to you, you might be suitable as an operational manager in a hospital. These are just some examples of positions you can obtain after completing your Industrial Engineering & Management Bachelor’s degree. 

Interested in the Industrial Engineering & Management Bachelor’s programme? Visit one of our Open Days or sign up for the ‘Student for a Day’ programme.

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