This specialization belongs to the master's programme Industrial Engineering and Management.

Expanding markets and the increasing complexity and variety of financial products have pushed up demand for skilled professionals capable of creating, pricing and hedging complex derivatives. In our Master’s specialization Financial Engineering & Management (FEM) you will acquire the mathematical and managerial knowledge needed to fulfil your ambitions in the fascinating field of banking, insurance, pensions and more.

A key focal point in the FEM track will be your ability to identify and quantify risk. The increasing complexity of financial contracts, the growing overlap between providers of financial products, and the emerging markets for new products – such as energy, dairy quotas or emission rights – have raised the need for quantitative risk management instruments. This specialization teaches you how to analyse and manage financial risks using financial products and modifying business processes. Think, for example, of reengineering business processes, adapting the firm’s strategy, switching customers/suppliers, or making alternative investment decisions.

Some courses in this track coincide with those in our Master’s programme Applied Mathematics.  You will also benefit from comprehensive management training and learn to apply strategic skills to manage an organization’s innovation and technology.


The FEM specialization offers one Research Orientation: Financial Engineering and Management.   

Mandatory common courses:

  • Statistics and Probability
  • Micro Economics
  • Mathematical Finance          

Mandatory courses:

  • Introduction to Risk Theory
  • Risk Management
  • Structured Products

Recommended elective FEM courses: 

  • Management control for Financial Institutions
  • Management of Technology for FEM
  • Special Topics in Financial Engineering
  • Cost Management and Engineering
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