You are close to graduating! Half of the third year of the Bachelor’s programme Industrial Design Engineering consists of electives (your minor), and the other half is dedicated to the last step you must take before you can call yourself a Bachelor of Science: your thesis. You can fill in the elective space at your own discretion, basing your choice on whatever future path you want to take.

Modules 9 & 10: Minor

You fill in the elective space at your own discretion, basing your choice on what future path you want to take.


  • Follow subjects to deepen your knowledge of Industrial Design Engineering, or broaden your knowledge with subjects from other programmes, such as  Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Industrial Engineering and Management.
  • Spend half a year (two modules, or one semester) studying at another university in the Netherlands or abroad. This experience will teach you to approach issues from different (cultural) angles, and to develop the flexibility to work in different teams and conditions.
  • Join one of our student teams, like the Green Team, the Solar Team or the Electric Superbike Team. 
  • Complete a pre-Master’s programme in preparation for a Master’s degree other than Industrial Design Engineering, such as another technical Master’s, or one of our social sciences programmes.
  • Is your ambition to teach? Choose the minor Learn to Teach and get a second degree teaching qualification. This allows you to work as a teacher at secondary school level.

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Module 11: Systems in Context

During the module Systems in Context, you get to design a complex system in a realistic situation. Consumers expect more and more of products, and product possibilities are continuously expanding. This means today’s products are becoming increasingly complex. The challenge is to make such complex products in such a way that all the individual system components function properly. In order to do this, you have to be able to deal with complexity, vague standards and modern technologies. In this module, you will study subjects you can immediately apply in the project: Philosophy and Sociology of Technology, Design and Meaning, and Design of Mechatronics and Systems.

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Module 12: Bachelor Thesis Project

You finish off this Bachelor’s programme with a graduation project. During the last four months of your studies, you will be busy preparing and implementing a design for a consumer product – either at the university or at a company. During this half year, your job will be to prove that you can apply the knowledge and skills you have gained during your studies. After successfully completing this year, you will receive your Bachelor’s diploma and you can officially call yourself Bachelor of Science (BSc). When choosing your graduation topic, you can bear in mind the Master’s specialization or programme you are interested in.

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