The Industrial Design Engineering programme in brief

The Bachelor’s Industrial Design Engineering programme at the University of Twente lasts three years, with each year consisting of modules. This broad course will give you the skills to choose a more specific aspect of designing in your Master’s programme.

In the first year, you will acquire a broad foundation in various disciplines, such as Mathematics & Design, Mechanics & Materials Science, Design & Manufacturing and Electronics & Ergonomics.

After laying a solid foundation in the first year, you will study certain topics in more detail in the second year, such as human-product interaction, ergonomics, (technical) product modelling, mathematics and design. You will also be introduced to a number of new topics: plastics, statistics, philosophy and dynamics.

You have more free choices in the third year of study than in the first two years of your course. At the end of the third year, you can demonstrate everything that you have learned in your Bachelor’s graduation project.

Project-based education

From day one, you will be part of a design team with other students for carrying out projects. This is to make sure the course approximates practical situations as realistically as possible. You will receive lectures that are relevant for the projects. Experience shows that this makes learning quicker, more effective and more pleasant. Each project has its own theme and special aspects, such as intelligence in products or designing for a special target group.

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