You are close to graduating! Half of the third year of the Bachelor’s Applied Mathematics consists of electives (minor), and the other half is dedicated to the last step before you can call yourself Bachelor of Science: your thesis. You can fill in the elective space at your own discretion, basing your choice on what future path you wish to take. For example, you can study abroad for a semester.

  • Year 3Year 3
  • Electives
  • Electives
  • Bachelor's Assignment
  • Bachelor's Assignment

Modules 9 & 10: Electives Module
In your elective space, you have different options:

  • Take subjects of your choice at the University of Twente, for example, from our Bachelor’s Civil Engineering or Computer Science, or at other universities in the Netherlands or abroad.
  • Sign up with one of our student teams.
  • Complete a pre-master’s in preparation for a Master’s other than Applied Mathematics, such as a technical master’s or one of our social sciences programmes.
  • Is your ambition to teach? Choose the Education minor and get a second degree teaching qualification. This allows you to work as a teacher at high-school level. Note: this minor is in Dutch.

Modules 11 & 12: Graduating 

More than half of the second semester is dedicated to your thesis; the remaining time is for further electives and for a mandatory subject called Complex function theory. Your graduation project is a large modelling assignment, often taken from real-life. In preparation for this assignment, you will first study and discuss several mathematics articles. This will give you experience in reading and understanding scientific research. Then, you get to formulate your own research question on the basis of your assignment. Afterwards, you are to write a report on your findings. And to finish off your project - and your bachelor's studies - you will present your work at a special student conference.

Examples of graduation projects

In choosing the subject of your graduation project, you may want to take into account a master’s specialisation or programme you have your eye on. The graduation projects our students choose are highly varied. Examples of recent bachelor’s theses include:

  • An investigation on the effects of changes in the capacity and balance of patient flows at the St. Antonius Hospital in Utrecht
  • Online route planning in response to traffic incidents
  • Blockchain in Smart Grids
  • An optimal racing strategy for Solar Team Twente
  • Caching in 5G networks
  • Increasing cancer cell recognition with Raman microscopic data using sparse coding
  • Twin primes: classical results and new developments
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