You can use the first half of the third year according to your own wishes. If you fancy an experience abroad, you can opt for doing a minor in another country. The first half of this year, we will give you a chance to follow your own interests, in other words. The last six months will be dedicated to finishing your thesis.

The first Semester

The first semester of the third year consists of the minor. For those modules, you choose a subject that you are interested in at the University of Twente, elsewhere in the country or abroad.

The second Semester

More than half of the second semester is dedicated to your thesis. The remaining time is left open for electives and a subject called Complex function theory. Your graduation project is a sizeable modelling assignment, often taken from real-life. In preparation for this assignment, you first study and discuss several mathematics articles. This way you will gain experience in reading and understanding scientific research. Then, you formulate your own research question on the basis of your assignment. Your final project first involves researching and working on your research question. Afterwards, you write a report on your findings. And to finish off your project – and your Bachelor's studies – you will present your work at a special student conference.

After all that, you will have a Bachelor's degree in your pocket. Wondering what you can do after your studies? Take a look.

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