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After getting your Bachelor’s degree in Advanced Technology, you can further specialise by completing a master’s programme. Most students choose to do this. You can follow a master’s at the University of Twente, at another Dutch university or at a university abroad. A few join the job market straight away or start their own business.

Further Studies

Because the Bachelor’s in Advanced Technology offers a wide range of options, you have direct access to almost any technical master’s at the University of Twente or at another (international) university. Some of the most popular choices include Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Science & Engineering, Nanotechnology and Robotics. See below for an overview of all your possibilities at UT. 

Going abroad

You can also take a master’s at any other university in the Netherlands or abroad. The study adviser can advise you on the best modules to take in preparation for the master’s of your choice. Take into account, that other universities may require you to complete a pre-master's before granting you admission at master’s level.

Finding a job after completing your Master’s

The Bachelor’s in Advanced Technology provides a broad education in science and technology. Where your career path takes you depends on the direction you choose in your master’s programme. For example, some of our graduates have started working as researchers at a university, as process engineers, software engineers, Research & Development scientists and mechanical engineers. As a researcher, you can join a research institute or R&D department in industry – even right here in Twente, the fastest-growing industrial region in the Netherlands. Working for a university is another possibility.

Some graduates get a job in consultancy or management. Others start their own company. These are good options, as the Bachelor’s programme Advanced Technology also helps you develop the leadership qualities and marketing insights needed for these roles. You will be equipped to shape your own future as a solver of tomorrow’s problems. Who knows, you may develop a cleaner form of energy, environment-friendly building materials or next-generation communication devices. One thing is certain: this programme will prepare you for a successful career.

Start your own company

You can also start your own business with a solution that you have developed. UT is recognised as ‘the most entrepreneurial university’ in the Netherlands. We are strong in the application of expertise to meaningfully influence society. Together with our students, we like to work with the innovation specialists from Novel-T, who like to tap into promising innovative business cases.

One example of a start-up that resulted from this programme is Impulse, an innovative concept that offers consumers the online possibility of reducing CO2emissions when they buy consumer goods. Another example is Clear Flight Solutions, which, among other things, uses robotic birds of prey to keep airports free of other birds.

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