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FAIR data management

The faculty stewards and central FAIR data steward can help you:
- to manage your research data before, during and after your research,
- to make working according to the FAIR principles as easy as possible for you.

We offer UT-researchers

- RDM-(policy) guidelines which you find in the UT Service portal
- RDM- support & (online) courses and training
- ICT facilities: tools, platforms to make your data management easy and secure. For example the UT DMP online tool.

All faculty data stewards

Data stewards in the faculties can help you with (for example)

Contact your faculty's data steward

Why it is important to make your research data FAIR: watch the video

Good, FAIR data management is very important for UT's network data scientist Doina Bucur. Her data describes indigenous astronomies from all over the world. It has a historical and cultural nature. She has collected data objects that describe for example the way different people saw constellations in the sky.

You can contact the central FAIR data steward for

To make RDM easier for UT researchers the DCC has developed the following tools, platforms and guidelines for you:

For more information, see:

Good Practices FAIR Data

Following FAIR principles brings a great deal of benefits to the academic community as well as individual researchers, research organizations and funders:

  1. Achieving maximum potential from research data.
  2. Achieving maximum impact from research.
  3. Increasing the visibility and citations of research.
  4. Improving transparency in research and thus enabling reproducibility, replicability, and reliability of research.
  5. Speeding up discoveries and revealing new insights into the research, thus facilitating new research questions to be answered.
  6. Staying aligned with international standards and approaches.
  7. Attracting new partnerships with researchers, business, policy, and broader communities.
  8. Staying up to date with new innovative research approaches and tools.