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The Challenge-Based Learning learning experience


  • Programme is for

    Lecturers/(assistant) professors; PhD candidates

  • Date

    Check the available course dates in the sign-up section

  • Time

    One day session.
    9:30 coffee/tea
    9:45 start till 16:30

  • Location


  • Trainers

    CBL Expert team

  • Participants

    Maximum 12

  • Course materials

    Background information is available at: https://www.utwente.nl/en/cbl/what-is-cbl/


After the session the participant is able to:


In this workshop, you will experience Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) from the perspective of a learner in a learner team.

During the session, there is special attention for reflection and discussion about the different perspectives and roles as teacher, learner, coach and designer of education.

In the workshop a multiple week CBL experience is simulated in one day.

General knowledge on designing and implementing education, common practice and educational theory is recommended, but not required. 


The session is organised by the CELT/CBL expert team.


This session is designed for starting and experienced teachers with no CBL experience.

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The Challenge-Based Learning learning experience
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