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VENI training, day 1 (online)


Increasing your chances in acquiring a VENI grant by:

Learning about the procedures and the evaluation criteria for the NWO VENI grant.

Presenting your CV specifically for the VENI grant.

Writing a sound VENI pre-proposal that can be submitted to NWO.


During this one-day course we will discuss the procedures and evaluation criteria of the VENI Talent Scheme. The VENI application consists of two phases for most of the NWO domains (AES, SSH and ZonMw): applicants submit a pre-proposal (early September 2020) and, if selected by the NWO committee, a full proposal (early January 2021).

-        The first half of the day will focus on general VENI information and is informative for applicants in all domains.

-        The second half of the day will focus on the pre-proposal. In these hours we will discuss your CV, your academic profile and output. It is therefore of less interest for candidates who do not have to submit a pre-proposal, who will have the opportunity to join only the morning session (to be addressed in your subscription form).

At the end of October we will host the VENI follow-up information session, which will focus on the VENI full proposal. Please register via the UT website Centre for Training and Development, or contact the UT Grants Office grants-office@utwente.nl


This training is given by external consultants and is organized and paid centrally. In addition, the UT Grants Office and each faculty provide support for VENI candidates.

The UT Grants Office offers a complete program to assist candidates in their application, spanning a year in total for the entire call. The program focuses on the VENI background and committee, proposal feedback and review, writing assistance and checks, expert referees, rebuttal and interview preparation.

The pre-proposal support will follow on this information session and starts in July 2020. Please register at the Grants Office soon as possible to join our complete support program.

Please contact your faculty contact person for more information about faculty support and embedding guarantee. This guarantee is mandatory for submitting a VENI application and please be aware this procedure might take time.

BMS      M.H. Braamhaar, MA (Melanie), BMS Research support
EWI       A.H. Smit, mr. (Anja)
ET          Dr.ir. V.T. Meinders (Timo)
ITC         Dr.ing. T.H.M. Rientjes (Tom)
TNW      Prof.dr.ir. W. Steenbergen (Wiendelt)

NWO Information about the embedding guarantee.

  • Course code


  • Programme is for

    Researchers with a competitive CV and an innovative research idea who are considering applying for an NWO-VENI grant. Eligibility is max. 3 years after promotion upon submission deadline, which is the first week of January 2021. Extensions for sick leave and children may apply for candidates considering eligibility.

  • Date

    New dates to be announced

  • Location


  • Course fee

    This training will be paid from central funds. 

  • Maximum participants

    no maximum 

  • Trainers

    Dr.ir. Aya van den Kroonenberg, senior grants consultant.

  • Course materials

    Course materials will be provided before and during the training.

  • Requirements

    The attending researcher is eligible to apply for an NWO-VENI grant.

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VENI training, day 1 (online)
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