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You have a phd and you are committed to having a career in science. You have realized that having a career in science is much more than just mastering scientific skills.

Most researchers have a certain image of what is needed to build a career in science: research, write, get funding, publish & repeat. The founders of this program, grant officers, noticed in their practice that much more is needed to get funding and to be really successful. Therefore they initiated this program to give researchers and assistant professors the tools to become well-known principal investigators.

Because to succeed in science, you need to bring your professional skills to the next level.

You need to establish and grow your network, become eligible for funding, and strongly position yourself in your research field. Career College to make your career much more than ‘just’ an impact factor and really build a career in science and specifically at Twente University.


At the end of the program you:

Work method

The college is aimed at assistant professors and postdocs, who are in the same stage of their career. This will provide a very interesting insight in other people’s perspectives and enrich your network. We will focus on experiential learning and practicing skills that are useful in your day-to-day work. You have the opportunity to discuss career-related dilemmas you encounter in your work and participate in personal coaching.

 In this half-year program, Career College will help you make tangible developmental steps and really grow at Twente University.

  • Programme is for

    Program is designed for postdocs and assistant professors

  • Date


    Training full day 09.00-17.00: 14 March, 23 May and 4 July

    1,5 hours mastermind sessions (13.00-17.00) on 11 April and 13 June 2023

    Training full day 09.00-17.00: 19 September, 21 November and 16 January 2025

    1,5 hours mastermind sessions (13.00-17.00) on 17 October and 12 December 2023

  • Time

    Investment required

    27 hours in formal training and approximately 7 hours in coaching, preparation & follow through over the period of 6 months.

  • Location


  • Maximum participants

    Max 12 participants

  • Course materials

    Will be provided during the course

  • Requirements

    You are very welcome to join this program. If you join, we will have an intake to jointly determine whether this program fits your needs. We count on your ability to actively attend all meetings.

S.P. Boekholt (Sofia)
Course Coordinator CDC
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