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Body-oriented breathing training

Body-oriented breathing training

Many people recognize that feeling of restlessness in your body, of nervousness. Your breathing moves emotionally from your stomach to your ribs or even higher and your breathing rate shoots up. Sometimes it isn't easy to relax afterwards. 

With prolonged stress, your breathing slowly becomes disrupted. In an almost imperceptible way, you begin to breathe more and more shallowly and less efficiently. This costs your body an unnecessary amount of energy and can cause various physical and mental tension complaints. 

In this 4 or 8-week training, you will learn, with the help of breathing exercises, how to feel better about your body and recognize your body's stress signals. You learn to relax, to remain calm in stressful situations and to let go of your emotions. You get "tools" to prepare for exams and insight into how you can influence your physical and mental health.

Participants who have completed this experience feel that they are capable of more than they previously thought.

  • Reviews

    It brought me knowledge and skills in mindfulness and more self-aware. I understood my breathing, and realized that I can and I have the power to regulate my nervous system!

     A lot of relaxation, coming back to the body. I learned that I always have my breath. It can calm me, and make me awake, so I'm very grateful for this “self-control”

     I experienced a safe and welcoming environment where the teacher provides support and advice. The course is not only about breathing, it also focuses on sharing and feeling and being open and vulnerable to another. That will make you feel more comfortable with yourself.

     A nice view and introduction to more body-central and breath-centred techniques, and experience first-hand the effect of breathing exercises. Mostly the rest and calmness and focus it can bring.

The following topics are covered in this training:
·       How do you breathe
·       What is the importance of proper breathing and sports/exercise
·       The scientific background of breathing and the benefits of breathing exercises
·       How do you learn to recognize stress in your body and how can you lower your stress levels using your breath

Course duration
The meetings will last approximately 1.5 hours plus assignments in between.

4, 11, 18, 25 April, 2, 9, 16, 23 May 2024 15.00 - 16.30 h.

Dojo, Sports Center UT

Minimum 6 students, maximum 12 students. Prior to the start of the training, there will be a short intake with the trainer to discuss your motivation and availability. You will receive a message about this. 

Costs: No costs for UT students

Dutch, but with the participation of international students, the language of instruction is English

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Body-oriented breathing training
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