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Lessons on the Campuscarillon


Lessons on the campus carillon 

You may have heard the enchanting sound of the 49 bells of the CampusCarillon while strolling through the campus park, but did you know that you can also learn to play this typically Dutch-Flemish instrument yourself?

At its opening in 1964, the UT received a special gift from the municipalities in the region: a bell tower with a carillon. Now, more than half a century later, this tower still stands as designed by the famous Dutch architect Gerrit Rietveld.

Would you like to join the Campus Carillon Circle? As a member you take biweekly carillon lessons and may participate in Campus Carillon Concerts or other activities at your own level. Once or twice a year an excursion is organized to bell museums or other carillons in the Netherlands, on which you can play. 

Hylke Banning and Esther Schopman are the carillon teachers on campus. They once studied at the UT and learned to play the bells on the campus carillon. Later they became the city carillonneurs of Oldenzaal and Enschede and now pass on their knowledge.

Lessons are on Monday or Thursday afternoon/evening, in Dutch or English, for students, alumni and staff with a valid Union/Campus card. If you can play the piano or organ, it is not such a big step to learn to play the carillon, but the lessons can also start at a beginners level. You will be taught at the bell tower, and for study purposes a practice keyboard is available in the Vrijhof building.

For information about the costs or a trial lesson, please contact us at campuscarilloncircle@gmail.com