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How to activate the learning brain


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    Lecturers / (assistant) professors  

  • Date

    Several times a year

  • Time

    4 online sessions, of which one introduction of 0,5 hour and three online sessions of 2 hours.

    Self-study and assignments: 8-10 hours

  • Location

    On campus

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  • Trainers

    Danielle Kuiphuis-Aagten

    Marleen de Haan

  • Course materials

    You will get access to a Canvas site offering all the necessary content in a modular setting.

  • Requirements

    Not applicable


After this training the participant is able to:

1.     to (re)design his education (lecture, course, module) based on the principles of Brain based learning in such a way that it enhances the learning process of the student.

2.     reflect on their own mindset and mindset of the student in such a way that he can increase the learning motivation of the students.

3.     reflect on the new developed learning and teaching activities (with other professionals).


This training focuses on teachers being the facilitator of the learning process of their students; How to optimal activate their students learning brain.

This will be done by three modules; the first one focuses on the Learning motivation, the second one is about increasing the Learning efficiency and the last one integrates both by using reflection. These modules all include information to actively analyse their current educational design and integrate new insight from the Brain based Learning principles.

Within these modules, the participants will discuss and exchange ideas with each other.


Preparation per module: exercises and assignments, reading material,

In sessions: assignments (both individual and group), discussions

Further information

In order to be eligible for the certificate you need to hand in all the assignments on Canvas and participate in (all of the) the online sessions. For more information you can contact celt-ces@utwente.nl. 

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How to activate the learning brain
October 2022
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