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Expedition Education online

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    All staff at University of Twente

  • Time

    8 modules of 30-60 minutes

  • Location

    Online self study.

  • Course materials

    You will get access to a Canvas site offering all the necessary content in a modular setting. Use this link to self enroll: https://canvas.utwente.nl/enroll/A37GWT

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    Self study

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Learning outcomes:

Get familiar with educational terms that are used on this university
Know where you can find more information
Know which options you have regarding your personal development 


The online Expedition Education consists of 8 modules with videos, assignments and quizzes. You will encounter examples from our UT teaching staff.
Topics in the Expedition are:

  1. What is the vision on education of the University of Twente?
  2. How to design education?
  3. How to teach and supervise?
  4. How to assess student learning and performance?
  5. How to evaluate and improve education?
  6. How to professionalize yourself in education?
  7. What does the Dutch educational system and Dutch way of teaching look like?
  8. In what way is education at the University of Twente organized?
  9. ay is education at the University of Twente organized?


We offer you 8 short modules on several topics regarding teaching at the University of Twente.
Depending on your prior experience, you will follow a selection of these modules. Don’t worry, the modules are short (around 30 minutes each)!


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