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Integrity: Scientific Integrity Programme for staff

Scientific Integrity Programme (online and workshop)

The  Scientific Integrity Programme consists of two connected parts. The Online Programme and the Reflective Practice Workshop (will take place at the U Parkhotel). 

1.    Scientific integrity - Online Programme (click here to view information)

2.    Scientific integrity – Reflective Practice Workshop

2. Scientific integrity – Reflective Practice Workshop (@ U parkhotel)


Scientific integrity has become a major topic of concern amongst funding agencies, governments and even the public, in response to major misconduct scandals and public scientific failures. At the same the pressure on academics to produce novel scientific results consistently have only increased. In this context Dutch universities have been placed under a duty of care to help ensure that research practices and cultures within its environs are robust and resistant to misconduct and methodological failures. New integrity standards such as the Dutch Code of Conduct for Research Integrity have been put in place to manage and guide this process, and a number of new strategies are being experimented with across scientific communities to improve the integrity of scientific results. Within the University of Twente we have an overarching approach towards integrity – the House of Integrity – which focusses on multiple aspects of integrity including business, social, teaching and scientific integrity.

In this workshop we aim to build on the knowledge of the code of conduct and general ethical and methodological principles relevant to scientific integrity provided in the Scientific Integrity – Online Programme. Our goal in the Scientific Integrity - Practice Workshop is to develop skills in applying these principles within our own fields and to our own departments, labs and research groups. We provide opportunities for participants to, 1) discuss the meaning and relevance of current scientific integrity codes of conduct and initiatives to themselves and the University of Twente context, 2) exercise those principles in real life cases and settings, and 3) reflect on what might be relevant and useful for improving our own practices within our labs and within the university environment more generally. Deliberately we set out to examine situations and cases which do not amount to full scale research misconduct, but relate to day-to-day scientific practices, supervision relations and tricky conflict of interest decisions.         

This workshop is held in English

In this Reflective Practice workshop our goal is to provide researchers with:

Skills, reasoning abilities, and strategies for applying scientific integrity principles and standards in our own contexts to a variety of situations. After having followed this course, academics will be able to:

  1. Recognize the issues motivating contemporary discussions about scientific integrity and the motivations behind formal rules and standards to facilitate scientific integrity in practice;
  2. Navigate themselves and colleagues through the various codes of conduct, regulations and compliance standards related to research practices;
  3. Identify potential issues in their current lab or research groups practices and steps which could be taken to improve the integrity of their own research group practice;
  4. Recognize ethical and scientific dilemmas which issues of scientific integrity raise;
  5. Reason through difficult and problematic issues using basic scientific integrity principles and challenge behaviour which compromises scientific integrity.

Programme Structure

This interactive workshop consists of five blocks. The first two blocks are introducing current issues and discussions surrounding research integrity as well as communication approaches aimed to facilitate conversation on difficultissues of scientific integrity. The other three blocks are based on discussions in smaller groups and reflections in plenary settings. The discussion blocks are focussed on 1) cases, and common dilemmas and issues which have arisen in scientific contexts; 2) what are the likely main scientific integrity issues which arise within participants’ departments, research groups or scientific communities, identify common types of misconduct; and 3) on how individuals, departments or groups within the university might create better environments in which raising issues is encouraged. Participants are free to share personal experiences and reflections in this safe environment.

PhD and EngD candidates

The Scientific Integrity workshop is also available as follow-up activity for PhD and EngD candidates who have successfully completed their Academic Integrity module connected to the TGS introductory workshop (part of the mandatory TGS courses). The EC’s gained with this Scientific Integrity workshop can be added to the courses portfolio (T&SP).

  • Programme is for

    Programme is for Staff/PHDs/EngD interested in:

    • responsible research culture,

    • best supervision practices,

    • best authorship practices,

    • conflict of interest considerations,

    • common signs or signals of research misconduct,

    • the latest theory and newly implemented practices for maintaining and improving the quality of scientific results,

    • general discussion of dilemmas facing scientific integrity.

  • ECTS

    Study load is equivalent to approximately 0.25 ECTS.

  • Date

    No new dates are available at the moment

    • There is the possibility to sign up as a team/department. Please contact the workshop facilitators for a customized offer for this workshop.

  • Time


  • Location

    U parkhotel

  • Course fee

    This workshop has been developed in the context of House of Integrity and is paid from central funds.

  • Maximum participants

    15 participants.

  • Workshop facilitators

    Miles MacLeod

  • Course materials


  • Course developers

    This workshop has been developed by Miles MacLeod in co-creation with academics, Strategy & Policy, and Human Resources.

S.P. Boekholt (Sofia)
Course Coordinator CDC
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Integrity: Scientific Integrity Programme for staff
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