Influencing Skills


Upon completing this workshop:

  • you are aware of your own communication style and its effect on others,
  • you recognize specific communication styles of other people,
  • you know how to interpret and influence behavior of others in a more successful manner


In a safe learning environment the trainer applies a mixture of practical assignments and theoretical aspects. Workshop contents are directly applicable to the daily environment of the workshop participants.

Participants will have access to the workshop’s Blackboard page up until several weeks after the end of the workshop. Background information stored on this page supports participants to actively put their influencing skills into practice. 


This workshop consists of three evening sessions of three hours each, 18:30 - 21:30. One week prior to the start of the workshop, participants fill in two questionnaires and send the results to the trainer. Filling in these questionnaires takes approximately half an hour. Prior to the start of the second session participants do a reading assignment. Prior to the third session participants also prepare an assignment. For each assignment the required preparation time is approximately one hour. 

Course overview

  • Programme is for

    All students with interest in exploring what effects their way of communicating has on others, and how attitude and behavior of others can be interpreted and influenced.

  • Date

    Check the available course dates on the page below  

  • Time

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  • Location

    Vrijhof Building

  • Course fee

    UT students: €25 (non-refundable administration fee), payable at registration.

  • Maximum participants

    Maximum 10 participants

  • Trainers

    Henno Schouten,

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Influencing Skills
November 2019
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