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Annual reoccuring corporate events (dies, etc)

On the UT campus several events are being organized for instance for UT employees and UT students.

Marketing and Communications puts these events in the event calender and has a role in organizing several academic ceremonies, for example Opening Academic Year, Dies Natalis, Informal closing of the Academic Year, New Year gathering and Innovatielezing.

If you have any questions about one of the events, please contact the external communication department.

Via the Who does what page you find an overview of the department of Marketing and Communication, and helps you find the right person within these departments for the above mentioned events.

The events of ITC are published on:

UT events

A variety of events that recur each year is organized at UT by the departments of Marketing and Communication and General Affairs in collaboration with the Campus Company.

You can find an overview of all academic ceremonies under the webpage Academic Ceremonies.

In addition, internal or external parties quite often organize various activities and events that are hosted at the campus. Some examples of such events are De Batavierenrace, Create Tomorrow, U‑meet and the Open Huis.

You will find the events that will be hosted at the campus on the event calendar. You can also register an event via this page.

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