Farewell lectures overview

The following Farewell lectures have been announced. To view, the invitation (PDF) click the link.

Retiring professors are given the opportunity to give a valedictory lecture. The farewell of a professor is the responsibility of the faculty and at their expense.

In case a professor at his/her retiring is having an appointment at the institute level, (a so-called university professor) or holds a managerial position, the Executive Board will offer a farewell reception. This is on top of any activities organized and paid by the faculty (for example a valedictory lecture, a valedictory symposium or farewell dinner).

The organization of the valedictory lectures that are offered by the Executive Board is being conducted by the staff member of the department General Affairs who is responsible for the organization of all academic ceremonies.

The organization of all other valedictory lectures will have to be conducted by staff members of the faculty concerned.

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