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Two Factor Authenticatie ( 2FA)

The requirements for processing sensitive personal data have been increased with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Sensitive personal data are, of course, sensitive by nature and enjoy extra protection under the GDPR. Using only a user name and password to log in no longer suffices. The UT uses several applications that process sensitive personal data. On the basis of the GDPR, the UT must provide additional security for these applications via authentication in two steps: 2FA.


Second authentication via smartphone

There are several 2FA applications available on the market for smartphones. The UT has opted for NetIQ Advanced Authentication and Google Authenticator (TOTP). To access the additionally secured information systems, one of these two apps must be installed on your smartphone.

No smartphone

If you do not have a UT smartphone and do not wish to use 2FA on your private smartphone, you can purchase a low-budget smartphone at the expense of the faculty/service via the LISA self-service portal.

Activation/Deactivation 2FA

Both the employee portal and the web apps / employee applications include a link to "Two-Factor Authentication". This portal (MyID portal) controls the installation and activation process of the authenticator on your smartphone. At the end of this process, you will receive a recovery key. You will need this recovery key to deactivate the authenticator on your old device and activate it on your new device in the event of loss or replacement of your smartphone. It is important to save the recovery key in a safe place. To this end, LISA CyberSafety recommends using the password manager LastPass.

Systems that are protected with 2FA

If a system is protected with 2FA (such as VerzuimSignaal), a message will be displayed to inform you that you need to authorise the access via your smartphone. Nothing changes for users of systems that do not use 2FA.


2FA does not need to be requested.


There are no costs.


To make use of 2FA you need a:

  • UT ICT-account
  • Smartphone

For support, use the FAQ (see below) or contact the Service Desk ICT.


Click here for the FAQ.

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