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External customers

Besides students and employees of the University of Twente, it is also possible to purchase a CampusCard if you are an affiliated customer of the University of Twente or an external customer.

UT affiliated third parties

  • HBO Students
  • Partner employee UT
  • Child employee UT
  • On-call employee UT
  • Pensioner UT
  • Alumni UT
  • Person who lives on the Campus
  • (Former) Patients (Sport) Physical therapy practice
  • Employee MST
  • Employee Saxion
  • Employee Kennispark
  • Student ROC 'Sport en bewegen'

If you are coming to create an account and you are affiliated to the University, it is necessary to verify that you belong to the affiliated group. We ask you to bring proof of identity and one of the documents mentioned below:

  • Employee card UT (for partner and children of UT employees)
  • Recent joint account statement (living together at the same address)
  • Recent account statement (living on Campus)
  • Evidence employed by UT, not a permanent employment
  • Evidence formerly employed by the UT
  • Evidence working at a company on Campus, industrial park or MST.


All other users that are not affiliated with the University of Twente.

Get a CampusCard

You can purchase your CampusCard at the Sports Centre, first they will created a account for you. You will get a username and password that you will need to log in to DMS. You can pay cash or with a debit card. 

Opening Hours for purchasing a CampusCard
(Sports Centre)*

Check the Sports Centre website for the current opening hours. 

*If closed: purchase can only be done online (DMS).
*In the weekend it's only possible to pay by card.


Fitness / Courses and Group lessons

You are an external person and would like to use our fitness facilities or you would like to participate in a course or a group lesson? That is possible! You can buy these subscriptions online or at the Sports Centre. It's important that before you want to buy subscriptions, you have bought the CampusCard. This card is necessary to purchase other subscriptions. If you don't have the CampusCard, other subscriptions won't show up in your DMS account. You can add subscriptions for fitness, swimming (Swimming is not possible for external customers) and grouplessons. You can choose a subscription for a whole year, half year or a month, the price depends on which one you choose. 

Group lessons of the Sports Centre.

Courses of the Sports Centre.

all the offers of Vrijhof Culture


As a external customer you can also become a member of one (or more) of our sportsassociations. Once you are in possession of a CampusCard, you can submit your request for membership through the DMS website by clicking on the tab ‘profile’ in the top right corner and then click on the left in the sub menu on ‘associations’. Choose the association you want to join. The respective association will approve or reject your request within 31 days. The system will inform you by email about the choice of the association. If you are accepted as a member. This email also contains a link so you can pay the association fee.

cultural associations

sports associations