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According to existing arrangements, all the UT employees are entitled to a free CampusCard, which give them acces to the Fitness center and the swimmingpools. They can also add a free Grouplesson Card and don't have to pay for the association fee. The subscriptions will be added to your employee card. However, this will not happen automatically! Each employee registers subscriptions through the link above! (Without registration you are not allowed to access the facilities.) 

You can log in with your M-number and your password. Go to 'what's on offer' and select the free membership 'CampusCard employee 18/19'. After selecting this membership all you have to do is go to the checkout and confirm! If you want to add other memberships, you follow the same procedure. You only have to select the other membership you want. 


Once the CampusCard is activated on the employee card, it's possible to use the following facilities. 

  • Fitness Centre UT
  • Tennis and swim facilities UT
  • Business sports: internal soccer competition indoor (futsal)
  • Business sports: volleyball (on fixed hours during lunch break)
  • Business sports: badminton (on fixed hours during lunch break)
  • BHV fitness training (guided on fixed hours)
  • Possibility to buy a membership to several sports and cultural associations (incl. an association charge / excl. a membership fee)
  • Discount on participation in sports courses
  • Discount on cultural performances

Courses and Group lessons

Employees can follow grouplessons at the Sports Centre for free. They can add the grouplessons membership online (check the steps above for how to add a membership) or through the Servicedesk of the Sports Centre. 

Grouplessons offer 

Course offer 

Culture offer


Do you want to become a member of one or more of the student associations as an external? That is possible. Once you are in possession of a CampusCard, you can submit your request for membership through the DMS website by clicking on the tab ‘profile’ in the top right corner and then click on the left in the sub menu on ‘associations’. The respective association will approve or reject your request within 31 days. The system will inform you by email about the choice of the association. If you are accepted as a member. This email also contains a link so you can add the association tax for free! 

cultural associations

sport associations