University of Twente CampusApp

The University of Twente does all it can to guarantee the privacy of users of the CampusApp. This privacy statement explains how the data collected and stored by the app is used. By downloading and using CampusApp, you agree to the collection and use of data as described in this privacy statement. To guarantee your privacy, CampusApp always complies with the Personal Data Protection Act.

What is the CampusApp?

CampusApp is a University of Twente initiative. With this application the University of Twente provides campus visitors with virtual support during their visit. The application does so by offering insight into the visitor’s appointment, giving them the option to navigate to the closest parking facility or the location of the appointment. In addition, the application enables further exploration of the campus and the ability to post messages in the app.   

Collection of personal data

If we require personal information about you, or require permission for elements of CampusApp to function, you are informed explicitly that you must log in to make use of these functionalities. If you refuse permission by not logging in, such content is not offered and your personal details are not linked to the CampusApp.

What information does CampusApp collect and process? 


The application can be used without the user logging in. However, the user must log in to make use of the Meetings, To Dos and Messageboard functionalities offered by the CampusApp. This log in takes place by means of an explicit invitation for an appointment, or appointment confirmation being sent to the user, which includes the log in code. You may have received a log in for the CampusApp because you registered for an event through our website. In that case you will already have given permission for the University of Twente to use your personal data prior to using CampusApp. To see the privacy policy that applies to University of Twente websites, please go to:

 To log in to CampusApp and use the functionalities that require log in, the following information is shared with the app: 

Accounts that have not been used for 6 months will be deleted, along with message board posts created by this account. 

Location details

To make use of the application’s navigation element, CampusApp needs to know the user’s location. You must give the application permission for access to your smartphone’s GPS function. You can switch off these location provisions, however you will not be able to use the navigation function. Location data is not saved. 

Automatically generated information
CampusApp requires certain information for the application to function optimally. Therefore, CampusApp collects automatically generated information about your use of the application. 

This automatically generated information consists of the browser type, operating system, pages/screens visited, IP addresses and cookies. CampusApp only uses this information to enable your use of the application and to improve your user experience and will never sell or share this data with third parties. 

What are cookies and how does CampusApp use them? 
CampusApp uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file with information that a server sends to the application. The information it contains can be sent back to our servers again during a future visit. The cookie policy for our CampusApp is the same as for our websites. For information about our cookie policy, please see:

For which purposes is the information used?
CampusApp will only use information about you for the following purposes:

Data protection
CampusApp will take appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your (personal) data against loss or any form of unauthorised processing. 

Insight into data

If you would like to know what personal data CampusApp has collected and stored, you can ask CampusApp for a summary of the personal information it has collected about you. You can send this request to

If you wish to have your data corrected, supplemented, deleted or blocked following this summary, you can send a request to the aforementioned email address. If your request is denied, CampusApp will provide a reason for refusal. 

Amendments to the Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement may be amended. These amendments will be communicated via notification, or through the Application. We recommend that you consult the most recent version of the Privacy Statement regularly.

If you should have any queries about this Privacy Statement, please email