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Technological science is the catalyst for innovation in healthcare. MIRA combines fundamental and applied research with clinical practice. This unique scientific path stimulates a successful application of fundamental concepts and enables healthcare to rapidly introduce new treatments. MIRA works closely with hospitals, the business community and governmental organizations, aiming to secure its leading position in Europe.


26 May 2015 - Albert van den Berg receives prestigious ERC Grant for the second time UT professor Albert van den Berg has scooped the prestigious ERC Advanced Grant from the European Union for the second time. This scholarship is already regarded as very prestigious, but within the current call, together with only a few other Dutch researchers, Van den Berg received a second ERC Advanced Grant.  Up to this year, only one other Dutch researcher had been able to achieve this. Van den Berg receives a research grant of 2.25 million euros that he, together with staff members from his research team, will use to cultivate blood vessels on a chip, made from 'reprogrammed' human stem cells. The blood vessels will then be used to develop disease models to improve research into the occurrence of thrombosis and brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and MS. 26 May 2015 - May 29: Concert against Rheumatism As a result of rheumatism, amateur violinist Joke Bleumink was no longer able to play the violin and started to build violins. With two self-built violins, a viola and a cello, she has now initiated a unique concert. The concert against rheumatism will take place on Friday, 29 May 2015 at Paleis Het Loo in Apeldoorn and will be performed by the musicians from the Valerius Ensemble of HET Symfonie Orkest in Enschede. Joke Bleumink searched and found a suitable good cause: the proceeds from the ticket sales will be entirely for the benefit of the scientific research of Professor Marcel Karperien from the University of Twente MIRA research institute. 21 May 2015 - Innovation lecture and Hi-Tech Fashion event The University of Twente has a long and vibrant tradition in business and entrepreneurship. Now more than ever, business generated by scientific research is the engine for economic growth. Transforming cutting-edge expertise into economic activity and benefits to society is one of our university’s core objectives. With 800 successful spin-off companies to its name, the University of Twente leads Europe in terms of start-ups. Collaborating closely with students, the business community and government, UT scientists are committed to delivering the technological and social solutions of tomorrow:  University of Twente, the University of Booming Business! You are welcome at the Innovation lecture 2015. 18 May 2015 - hDMT turns the Netherlands into a global player in organ-on-chip technology Nine research institutes and industrial partners today announced their intention to join forces in the field of organ-on-chip technology. The establishment of the hDMT (Institute for human Organ and Disease Model technology) can elevate the Netherlands to rank among the top in the world in this field of research. This is according to Albert van den Berg, scientific director of UT research institute MIRA and one of the initiators of the research consortium. 28 Apr 2015 - Interview BNR Nieuwsradio with Marcel Karperien On Tuesday Professor Marcel Karperien was interviewed by the dutch radio newschannel BNR Nieuwsradio about the Concert against Rheumatism. Also present was Joke Bleumink, who is one of the many arthrosis patients in the Netherlands and initiator of the concert. Karperien is developing the injectable plaster against arthrosis, which enables damaged cartilage in the joint to recover.