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Technological science is the catalyst for innovation in healthcare. MIRA combines fundamental and applied research with clinical practice. This unique scientific path stimulates a successful application of fundamental concepts and enables healthcare to rapidly introduce new treatments. MIRA works closely with hospitals, the business community and governmental organizations, aiming to secure its leading position in Europe.


7 Apr 2014 - Michel Versluis and his research on microscopic small bubbles on National TV On Sunday 6 April Michel Versluis was interviewed on national TV by astronaut and scientist André Kuipers for the recently launched science programme ‘De Kennis van Nu’. Versluis explains how ultrasound causes microscopic small bubbles to implode and clarifies possible medical applications of the force being released by this implosion. 7 Apr 2014 - MIRA's Aart van Apeldoorn presents research to the King On 2 April His Majesty the King of the Netherlands  has performed the opening ceremony of innovation center the Gallery. After the opening MIRA’s researcher Aart van Apeldoorn had the opportunity to present his research to the King, at the interactive exhibit. Aart and his colleagues at MIRA’s Developmental Bioengineering research group are working on an advanced alternative for the current treatment of type 1 diabetes. The scaffold they have developed, creates an optimum environment for the insulin producing islets of Langerhans. Allowing them to be efficiently transplanted in the human body.
For an impression of the conversation between Aart and the King, watch the national TV programme Blauw Bloed. The item on the opening of the Gallery starts at 26:45 minutes. 
7 Apr 2014 - Zilverling colloquium and drinks: 8 April, 15:45 hrs We are happy to announce the 3rd Zilverling colloquium: 20 Mar 2014 - Center for Medical Imaging will be located in Twente The Center for Medical Imaging will open in Twente at the beginning of next year. Five parties have signed a declaration of intent for this purpose. The Center is an intended collaboration between Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST), Ziekenhuisgroep Twente (ZGT), Radboudumc, the Academic Medical Centre Groningen and the University of Twente. Companies will also be participating in the initiative. This interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of nuclear medicine and radiology between the University of Twente, the medical institutes and the business sector is unique. The aim is to open CMI Twente housed within the Medisch Spectrum Twente hospital in Enschede by 1 January 2015. 12 Mar 2014 - Albert van den Berg becomes MIRA’s new Scientific Director Professor Albert van den Berg has been announced as the new Scientific Director of MIRA, the University of Twente’s Research Institute for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine.