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Technological science is the catalyst for innovation in healthcare. MIRA combines fundamental and applied research with clinical practice. This unique scientific path stimulates a successful application of fundamental concepts and enables healthcare to rapidly introduce new treatments. MIRA works closely with hospitals, the business community and governmental organizations, aiming to secure its leading position in Europe.


7 Apr 2014 - Michel Versluis and his research on microscopic small bubbles on National TV On Sunday 6 April Michel Versluis was interviewed on national TV by astronaut and scientist André Kuipers for the recently launched science programme ‘De Kennis van Nu’. Versluis explains how ultrasound causes microscopic small bubbles to implode and clarifies possible medical applications of the force being released by this implosion. 7 Apr 2014 - MIRA's Aart van Apeldoorn presents research to the King On 2 April His Majesty the King of the Netherlands  has performed the opening ceremony of innovation center the Gallery. After the opening MIRA’s researcher Aart van Apeldoorn had the opportunity to present his research to the King, at the interactive exhibit. Aart and his colleagues at MIRA’s Developmental Bioengineering research group are working on an advanced alternative for the current treatment of type 1 diabetes. The scaffold they have developed, creates an optimum environment for the insulin producing islets of Langerhans. Allowing them to be efficiently transplanted in the human body.
For an impression of the conversation between Aart and the King, watch the national TV programme Blauw Bloed. The item on the opening of the Gallery starts at 26:45 minutes. 
7 Apr 2014 - Zilverling colloquium and drinks: 8 April, 15:45 hrs We are happy to announce the 3rd Zilverling colloquium: 20 Mar 2014 - Center for Medical Imaging will be located in Twente The Center for Medical Imaging will open in Twente at the beginning of next year. Five parties have signed a declaration of intent for this purpose. The Center is an intended collaboration between Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST), Ziekenhuisgroep Twente (ZGT), Radboudumc, the Academic Medical Centre Groningen and the University of Twente. Companies will also be participating in the initiative. This interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of nuclear medicine and radiology between the University of Twente, the medical institutes and the business sector is unique. The aim is to open CMI Twente housed within the Medisch Spectrum Twente hospital in Enschede by 1 January 2015. 12 Mar 2014 - Albert van den Berg becomes MIRA’s new Scientific Director Professor Albert van den Berg has been announced as the new Scientific Director of MIRA, the University of Twente’s Research Institute for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine. 11 Mar 2014 - Health care in the future Once every three seconds, somewhere in the world, someone suffers what's commonly referred to as a stroke: a haemorrhage or infarction of the brain. Circa 75% of the people who survive a stroke are left with temporary or permanent motor limitations in the arm or hand. Ard Westerveld, doctoral candidate at the University of Twente, has developed a (prototype) system that will allow patients to convalesce at home in the future, without the need for a therapist. Westerveld will obtain his doctoral degree next 13 March. He is affiliated with the University of Twente's MIRA research institute. 3 Mar 2014 - The WISE Awards 2014 Innovative Education Practice Awards recognizing project for their transformative impact upon education and societies. 2 Mar 2014 - Longer, better and smaller: a new generation of dialysis devices Kidney dialysis is a heavy treatment to undergo and has many side effects. Scientist Prof Dimitrios Stamatialis is starting a new research project into the development of new dialysis membranes for longer and better blood detoxification. The project belongs to The Life Science and Health (LSH) Impuls program and is performed in collaboration between industry, the Dutch Kidney Foundation, Maastricht University and the Maastricht University Medical Center (UMC+). Prof Stamatialis is affiliated with the MIRA research institute of the University of Twente. 20 Feb 2014 - Tiny islands set sperm spinning A platform for simultaneously screening thousands of sperm cells could lead to more efficient identification of high performing sperm for fertility treatments. Assisted reproductive technologies have revolutionised the fertility world, however, sperm must be carefully picked on the basis of specific characteristics, including motility, to increase the chance of a successful pregnancy. However, more than half of the sperm selected for intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) using current procedures are damaged.

Discussions with fertility experts who kept finding the same issues with sperm quality inspired Loes Segerink and her team to search for a solution.
20 Feb 2014 - Creating synergy during PET MRI Event Today the second PET-MRI Event will take place. CMI Innovation Cluster had to relocate the event by the great enthousiasm of participants for this meeting. The location is now arranged in the Grolsch Veste -Twente Kwartier - Enschede. Over 80 participants will join the event.   17 Feb 2014 - Three UT master's programmes awarded 'top-class' Three master's programmes of the University of Twente have been certified to sport the quality seal 'Top-class programme' for a year. In the Keuzegids Masters 2014 (University Master's Selection Guide), published on Monday, 17 February 2014, the Mechanical Engineering, Nanotechnology and Technical Medicine programmes scored best. 7 Feb 2014 - UT develops ultramodern forearm prosthesis Researchers of the University of Twente (UT) and Roessingh Research and Development (RRD) have developed a system which can significantly improve the functionality of forearm prostheses. Using the activity still present in their remaining arm muscles (myoelectric control), patients are able to have a more natural control of the prosthesis. Actuators also provide the user with information about movement and the amount of force applied. This Myopro project has led to an ultramodern forearm prosthesis prototype and should increase user acceptance.
29 Jan 2014 - UT spin-off participates in prestigious European stem cell research The UT spin-off company Materiomics has been granted a European subsidy of 540,000 euros for stem cell research. The company has been asked to participate in the prestigious HumEn project, which will be looking for a stem cell-based diabetes treatment. Within this project, Materiomics will be looking for the best way to grow stem cells inside a laboratory and to have them grow into the desired cell type. 28 Jan 2014 - Computer supports interpretation of EEGs An estimated forty to fifty thousand EEG registrations are made each year in the Netherlands alone. Visually analysing and interpreting all this data costs neurologists and clinical neurophysiologists a great deal of time and expertise, and PhD candidate Shaun Lodder of the University of Twente examined whether a computer could replace them in performing these tasks. Lodder's conclusion: "Although a computer cannot completely replace neurologists, it is certainly very helpful in assisting them."  Lodder is affiliated with the MIRA research institute and will defend his PhD thesis on 31 January. 22 Jan 2014 - A breakthrough in medical acoustics Researchers at the University of Twente, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and Erasmus MC (University Medical Center Rotterdam) have achieved a breakthrough in the field of medical ultrasound. Ultrasound irradiation has recently made it possible to activate minuscule nanodrops for diagnostic (tumour detection) and therapeutic (local administration of medicine) purposes. This breakthrough in medical acoustics was published in the leading scientific magazine PNAS this week.  21 Jan 2014 - Dr. Christoph Brune, MIRA’s new Tenure Tracker in Computational Mathematics We proudly announce the appointment of dr. Christoph Brune as Tenure Tracker in Computational Mathematics within MIRA’s Applied Analysis research group. For several years dr. Brune has been working successfully in international research projects on computational mathematics with a focus on inverse problems and image processing in biomedicine and nanotechnology. His focus on 4D imaging perfectly matches the goals of the Center for Medical Imaging.
20 Jan 2014 - 23 January - SPRINT annual event On 23 January the Center of Research Excellence SPRINT organizes its annual event (in Dutch). In the presence of Marijke van Hees, municipal executive board member of Enschede, highlights of the SPRINT research projects will presented by amongst others UMCG, Roessingh R&D and MIRA. 15 Jan 2014 - MIRA welcomes Clinical Professor Lioe-Fee de Geus-Oei We proudly announce the appointment of prof. dr. Lioe-Fee de Geus-Oei as Clinical Professor within the MIRA research institute. Her research on Molecular Imaging, Innovation and Translation will be embedded in the strategic research orientation Imaging & Diagnostics.
9 Jan 2014 - EEG leads to earlier prognosis for coma patients after cardiac arrest To what extent can an EEG help us to predict whether - and how - a patient will awaken from a coma following cardiac arrest? This question was addressed by doctoral degree candidate Marleen Tjepkema-Cloostermans. Her conclusion: coma patients with the best prognosis are those whose EEG shows rapid recovery of brain rhythms after resuscitation, with no interruptions in brain activity. They have the greatest chance of recovery with the least amount of damage. Tjepkema-Cloostermans is affiliated with the MIRA Research Institute of the University of Twente and will obtain her doctoral degree on 10 January 2014. 8 Jan 2014 - No stress thanks to smart sensors We are getting older but wish to remain living in our own homes.
The Dutch newspaper Trouw has interviewed MIRA’s professor Hermie Hermens on how technology could be of help to realise this. Read all about sensors measuring our heartbeat and even letting us know when it is time to relax.
23 Dec 2013 - Five Valorisation Grants for entrepreneurial scientists at the UT Five entrepreneurial scientists at the University of Twente receive a Valorisation Grant from the STW Technology Foundation. Just Herder, Wim Korevaar, Frieder Mugele and Stefano Stramigioli (together with Harry Hoeijmakers) receive a phase 2 Grant of, at the most, 200,000 euro. Marcel Karperien receives a phase 1 Grant worth 25,000 euro. These subsidies are intended to promote the commercialisation of knowledge resulting from university research. During this round, the STW granted a total of fifteen phase 1 and seven phase 2 Valorisation Grants. 18 Dec 2013 - MIRA magazine 3rd edition The third edition of MIRA Magazine is now available online.
Read all about the highlights in research, education and entrepreneurship.  
To view, please click here.
 Hard copies will be available in January.
17 Dec 2013 - New research into aids that adapt to suit the user's needs This January sees the launch of a large-scale research programme into corrective orthoses that automatically adapt to the (changing) characteristics and needs of the user. Orthoses support bodily functions, helping the user raising their arm, for instance, or moving their leg. Professor Bart Koopman affiliated with the University of Twente's Faculty of Engineering Technology and MIRA research institute, is in charge of the programme, which is a joint undertaking of six universities, sixteen companies and five patient organizations. 4 Dec 2013 - MIRA research on cover Small Lorenzo Moroni and co-workers of the MIRA research institute have succeeded in imprinting microscopically small shapes on the surfaces of miniscule fibres. Their research on “A Fast Process for Imprinting Micro and Nano Patterns on Electrospun Fiber Meshes at Physiological Temperatures” has made it to the cover of the scientific journal Small. 4 Dec 2013 - Screening in public health care: from push to pull Preventive screening is a hot issue. The social pro's and con's and outcomes of recent screening trials were discussed on the yearly CMI-nen event, 26 November in The Hague, in presence of Dr. M. Bussemaker, Minister of the OC&W department. 4 Dec 2013 - Health Valley Twente event: Robotics in Healthcare On November 28th, health professionals, entrepreneurs, policymakers and researchers have joined the fourth Health Valley Twente event. The programme included a lecture by MIRA’s expert on robotics prof. Stefano Stramigioli. 18 Nov 2013 - University of Twente the best place to study engineering and technology The 2014 Universities Selection Guide awards four UT programmes the designation 'Best Course'. 15 Nov 2013 - Technical physicians of the University of Twente included in the Individual Health Care Professions Act With the inclusion in Article 36a of the Individual Health Care Professions Act (Wet BIG), the government and the medical profession confirm their faith in the skills of technical physicians. Technical Medicine at the University of Twente is the only technical medical degree programme in the world in which students can obtain a qualification to treat patients independently. 4 Nov 2013 - Vote for Pammography research in final of Herman Wijffels Innovation Award 2013 You can now cast your vote for MIRA's pammography research, UT spin-off company PA Imaging R&D BV and MST Hospital. They are nominated for the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award 2013. 23 Oct 2013 - Team Steenbergen wins NWQ Audience Award Team Steenbergen from the University of Twente has won the Academic Year Award 2013 NWQ Audience Award with 'You can hear tumors'. It was announced in the Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht on Wednesday evening that the Twente team had received the most votes from the public (2,501 of 5,000). As winner of the Audience Award, the team will this year be asked about the research in VPRO's 2013 National Science Quiz. 23 Oct 2013 - 2nd Annual Health Economics & Personalized Medicine Symposium Personalized medicine technologies offer the promise of tailored risk assessment, diagnosis and treatment, yet despite significant investment in development of such technologies, relatively few have been successfully translated into clinical practice for the benefit of patients. This symposium, with an opening lecture by MIRA’s prof.dr. IJzerman, will examine the pathway for development of personalized medicine technologies.  16 Oct 2013 - University of Twente in final of Herman Wijffels Innovation Award 2013 with PA Imaging Researchers of the MIRA research institute of the University of Twente (UT) and UT spin-off company PA Imaging R&D BV were nominated for the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award 2013. They are eligible for 50,000 euros in prize money, which they intend to use for research into pain-free and improved breast cancer research for all women. 14 Oct 2013 - Kristian Overduin wins the Prof. Dr. G.P. Vooijs Award Kristian Overduin has won the Prof. Dr. G.P. Vooijs Award. This prize is intended for the most clinically relevant graduate research completed at the University of Twente during the academic year 2012-2013. 11 Oct 2013 - "Smart glasses" can improve gait of Parkinson's patients A new app for intelligent glasses, such as Google Glass, will soon make it possible to improve the gait of patients suffering from Parkinson's disease and to decrease their risk of falling. Researchers at the University of Twente's MIRA Institute have received a grant from the NutsOhra fund for the development of the app. 11 Oct 2013 - Kennispark Enschede nominated best Dutch business park Kennispark in Enschede has been awarded Best Dutch business park during the national business park congress ('Nationale Bedrijventerreinencongres') in Utrecht. According to the expert jury and the audience present, Kennispark scored best in the categories economic value, clarity of the park's profile, the organisation of companies in the park, adaptability of the campus, the quality of the facilities, the level of user satisfaction and the branding. Kennispark will receive a 'Best Dutch business park' sign to put up on the innovation campus. 10 Oct 2013 - Ivan Stojanović wins Simon Stevin Student Prize Ivan Stojanović has been awarded the Simon Stevin Student Prize. In a two minute-pitch, he convinced the audience of the applicability of his research, with a poster entitled CellSPRead: Paving the way towards personalized cancer therapy. Stojanović: "With this poster, we want to forge a new path toward personalized cancer therapy". 4 Oct 2013 - University of Twente once again climbs the Times Higher Education ranking ladder This year, the University of Twente climbed 17 places in the Times Higher Education world rankings, from No. 187 to 170. In 2012, the University was also able to climb, that year by no less than 13 places. 2 Oct 2013 - University of Twente opens her doors to the public You are all invited to visit the campus on October 5th, from 11:00 till 16:00 hrs. MIRA proudly presents her research via lectures and (interactive) demonstrations. Some of our labs will be open as well. We are looking  forward to meeting you there. 2 Oct 2013 - Vote now to help the UT team win the Academische Jaarprijs Voting has started for the Academische Jaarprijs 2013. You can now cast your vote for the team from the University of Twente and help them to win the Public Award, which will secure them a place in the Nationale Wetenschapsquiz, a televised science quiz. The main prize is € 100,000, which the winning team can use for implementing the communication plan submitted. 30 Sep 2013 - Newsletter CTCTrap The EU FP7health sponsored CTCTrap consortium develops technology to isolate and characterize tumor cells circulating in the blood of cancer patients. Here you can read the the latest CTCTrap Newsletter. 26 Sep 2013 - Apply until 15 October for the EU Prize for Women Innovators! After a successful first edition in 2011, the European Commission has launched the second edition of the EU Prize for Women Innovators to reward three women who have developed outstanding innovations and brought them to market. 29 Aug 2013 - First MSc University of Twente Excellence Trajectories Start The University of Twente will start pilots this academic year for three university-wide excellence trajectories in the master phase. Through the excellence trajectories, UT can offer talented masters' students the opportunity to further develop their skills in the fields of organization, research, or design. The excellence trajectories focus on master's students who are outstanding in their fields. Interested students can apply for selection until 1 October 2013. 29 Aug 2013 - New treatment of pain in diabetics There are about a million people in the Netherlands with diabetes. Approximately 15% of these patients suffer from chronic pain. This is burning or stinging pain caused by abnormal function of nerve endings, most likely partially due to poor circulation. Cecile de Vos, PhD student at the University of Twente and a medical physicist working at Medisch Spectrum Twente hospital, studied the effect of spinal cord stimulation treatment which had not been applied to these patients. De Vos: "The new method shows great promise for diabetics. Due to the treatment, the pain intensity has decreased from an average of eight to two and the pain has become manageable. Diabetic patients are able to sleep again and perform their daily activities. This has greatly improved their quality of life."
30 Jul 2013 - Open House on 5 October: “Safety, especially with science” On Saturday, 5 October from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, the University of Twente is organising an Open House for young and old. During the Open House, there are plenty of activities on campus organised to give visitors the the best possible picture of the world of science and education.  5 Jul 2013 - IJzerman appointed as acting Scientific Director of MIRA Prof. Maarten IJzerman has been appointed as acting Scientific Director of MIRA as of 1 September 2013. This temporary appointment is as yet for half a year.