13 June 2013

University of Twente: most entrepreneurial university

UT gains first place in Elsevier/ScienceWorks Valorization Ranking 2013

On Tuesday 11 June the University of Twente was voted the best Dutch university in the area of valorization, i.e. translating scientific knowledge into social and economic benefits. Valorization is the third core function of universities, after education and research. The University of Twente heads the Valorization Ranking 2013 announced at the Valorization Day conference. The ranking is a joint venture of the ScienceWorks research and consultancy firm and Elsevier.

The Valorization Ranking assesses universities in terms of three different roles, Entrepreneurship, Collaboration and Communication. Adding up the scores in each category, the University of Twente (UT) performed best. It also rated highest in the Entrepreneurial University category.

Entrepreneurial university
The ScienceWorks-Elsevier research report found that the UT “stands head and shoulders above the competition as an entrepreneurial university”. The partnership at Kennispark Twente combines all the facilities needed by startups: the innovation campus provides the most facilities for innovative companies. And with its seed fund the UT offers companies – in particular startups – more financial support than other universities. As Dr Kees Eijkel, Director of Kennispark Twente says, “The partnership between the University and the community has made for a gigantic leap in our productivity, and it’s great to see that this has now been recognized.”

More information
This is the second year of the Valorization Ranking. The last one took place in 2011. For more background information on the ranking go to the ScienceWorks website.