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4. Remote Assessment

Proctoring and online surveillance

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become common to use proctoring – exams taken online with help from surveillance software. Proctoring can be used at the University of Twente if it is impossible to take an exam on campus. This means we can avoid students incurring unnecessary study delay. Whether or not to use proctoring is a decision made by each course, in close consultation with the relevant Examination Board.

We kindly refer you to the Remote Exams website to find general guidelines and information about the different types of digital surveillance that are available.

When assessments have to be moved online, there are many factors to consider. Below is an overview of currently available remote assessment options. Please see each page for available tools, best practices, and/or contact information.

Please note that you can always contact the CELT team or the e-learning specialists for assistance to find the optimal solution. Be sure to also visit the central corona page to find the latest guidelines about education and exams.

If you want to schedule a regular digital exam on the campus, the best starting point is the examination office website.