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Centre of Expertise in Learning & Teaching

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Welcome to the Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching. We support your education: from its design to its assessment, from teaching to evaluation. For this purpose, we provide training programmes and workshops, we advise and coach individuals or groups and we develop concrete materials and tools. You can always contact us to get in touch for solutions. 

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Learning & Teaching Portal

We offer our knowledge and courses in the Learning & Teaching Portal, together with other educational experts in this university. Our courses cover a range of topics and can be tailored to suit individual needs. The portal also provides access to a variety of interactive tools and resources to help learners achieve their goals. With our help, you can discover new skills and gain valuable knowledge that will help you succeed in your education.

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Learning & Teaching Lab

The Learning & Teaching lab is a physical space where people involved in the innovation of education can come together, share ideas, plan activities & try out new technologies. The space provides teachers and support staff with the opportunity to stay up to date with the latest trends in education and professionalize their teaching skills. The official opening will take place on 7 September 2023!

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  • Services

    We aim to support you with every challenge or question that you might have regarding your educational activities, for instance with designing your course or module, using technology in your lectures, the accreditation of your programme or your own professional development. We can work with you regardless of your role, whether you are a project leader, teaching consultant, teacher trainer, or whether it concerns module teams or programme management.

    • Educational Design

      From its initial design to detailed assessment, we can help you out with designing your education. Our approach is based on underlaying principles such as Challenge-Based Learning, Blended Learning and our Twente Educational Model

    • Quality, Evaluation & Accreditation

      Education is not just about facilitation, but also ensuring and evaluating quality. Within CELT, we help you ensure quality in teaching by making plans, conducting surveys, panel evaluations, and more. Read more about it in our toolbox.

    • Testing & Assessment

      At CELT, we can help you design and implement plans by using innovative assessment methods such as formative feedback, peer review, integrated tests, and project assessments in order to motivate students for in-depth learning. Learn more about this in our toolbox.


  • Educational Professional Development

    The Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching at the University of Twente offers an extensive range of Educational Professional Development courses and programmes to help you become an expert in the field of teaching and learning. You can choose from a variety of trajectories, courses, and masterclasses to further your knowledge and skills in teaching, learning, assessments, and evaluation. Whether you want to develop your own skills for your teaching practice or become a mentor for new educators, our Centre of Expertise can provide you with the knowledge and resources that you need.

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    • UTQ (University Teaching Qualification)

      The University Teaching Qualification (UTQ, or in Dutch: BKO) is a qualification of pedagogical competencies of university teachers. All teaching staff of the University of Twente need to acquire this certificate within 3 years following the start of their employment. A UTQ qualification is nationally acknowledged. You can read more about the process in the learning and teaching portal.

    • SUTQ (Senior University Teaching Qualification)

      Teacher professionalisation is at the heart of the Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching. We offer UTQ courses, individual advice, tailor-made support, and various outher courses. Also, we are proud that we can offer you the SUTQ trajectory and hope that you are interested to join us and the SUTQ community. The SUTQ is the follow-up trajectory of the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ), for teachers who want to develop themselves further into evidence-informed educational innovator. You can learn more about the SUTQ trajectory in the learning & teaching portal.

    • SUEQ (Senior University Examination Qualification)

      The SUEQ is intended for employees in higher education who, at curriculum level, have the task and responsibility of ensuring or safeguarding the quality of assessment and the assessment processes and who are responsible for securing that graduates have achieved the intended final level of the degree programmes. This could, besides members of an Examination Board, also include programme directors, programme coordinators, quality assurance officers and educational advisors. Read more about it on the SUEQ website.

    • ELP (Educational Leadership Programme)

      Since 2015, the UT and the UG have jointly offered the Educational Leadership Programme (ELP) to help their academics develop these qualities and become an Educational Leader. This trajectory is meant for (senior) academics who will develop as successful leaders in educational innovation and improvement of teaching and learning. Besides teaching, they have educational management positions or an informal role in educational leadership. Roles and positions in which participants usually work: (future) programme director, portfolio holder Education, (associate) professor, members of the UCO (UG) or UC-OW (UT), high potentials. You can read more about the trajectory here.


  • About us

    The Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching at the University of Twente provides support to all members of the university community in the design and implementation of educational innovations. It offers guidance, expertise and resources for the development, implementation and assessment of learning and teaching activities. It provides a platform for the exchange of expertise among teachers, educational developers and researchers. The team TELT (Technology Enhanced Learning & Teaching) provides guidance in the use of educational technologies, such as learning management systems, virtual classrooms and digital assessment tools, in order to enhance teaching and learning.

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