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How will you professionally develop yourself?

Teachers, students/phd’s with teaching tasks and departments can address CELT for individual advice, coaching or services. We offer consultations and services around a variety of teaching and learning issues. Whether you are a program director and need advice for a major curriculum improvement or you are a beginning teacher and want to discuss a plan for new assignments for your next lesson, you are all invited to contact us. In consultation with you, we study and discuss your questions and needs and provide tailor made support.


As a Centre of Expertise we offer a broad variety of courses concerning educational topics. Please take a look at our course overview for a more specific description.


For Teacher development you are probably aware of our efforts for the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ).  For more information about the UTQ, a course overview and personal experiences, please check out the BKO/UTQ website.


The SUTQ is meant for experienced teachers, after finishing their UTQ, as a continuation of teacher development. For more information about the SUTQ, please check the SKO/SUTQ website.


The SUEQ is intended for employees in higher education who, at curriculum level, have the task and responsibility of ensuring or safeguarding the quality of assessment and the assessment processes and who are responsible for securing that graduates have achieved the intended final level of the degree programmes. This could, besides members of an Examination Board, also include programme directors, programme coordinators, quality assurance officers and educational advisors. Read more about it on the SUEQ website.


The Educational Leadership Programme (ELP) is meant to help academics further develop their qualities to become an Educational Leader. This trajectory is meant for (senior) academics who will develop as successful leaders in educational innovation and improvement of teaching and learning. You can read more about the trajectory here.


You will find more information and handy tools in the Educational staff development toolbox