Technology Enhanced Learning & Teaching

New technologies provide educators with a lot of possibilities. As the Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching (TELT) team, we assist teaching staff in the effective use of new technologies in their courses. We also advise and share our expertise in different study programmes.

You can call me TELT

Our team has professionals on many different themes of expertise. 

We apply these expertises in many different pilots and projects. Check them out and get in touch!

Greatest Hits

The tool finder helps teachers find the right e-learning tools by providing an extensive list of options that can be filtered through. This helps teachers to quickly and easily find the right tool for their education, saving them time and effort.

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With thousands of teachers and students crossing the University daily, it can become a challenge to learn about some of the educational innovation happening in our campus. In the podcast series Edutalks our educational consultant interviews some of the pioneering educators in the UT-community, sharing their best practices across the ears and world.

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An edubadge is a form to demonstrate retrieved knowledge and skills. an edubadge can be seen as a digital certificate. The design of the badge represents information about the issuer and the obtained knowledge and skills. This digital information cannot be copied or changed.

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  • Personalized Learning

    Personalized learning is intended to provide a unique, highly focused learning path for each student

  • Flexibilization of education

    To support students in taking flexible learning paths within the UT or across other universities, where they collect proofs of education throughout their whole career.

  • Blended Learning

    To support all aspects of designing blended education. Meaning that the educational menu that teachers develop optimize and enrich the learning experiences of the students. In the end an effective mix of methods and tools integrated in the "menu" is created. 

  • Learning Spaces

    To improve the physical and digital learning environments at UT in order to facilitate students' learning and teachers' teaching.

  • Co-creation

    To facilitate software developers in education with clear guidelines and facilities in order to use consistent educational data and deliver safe & sustainable software solutions.

  • Assessment

    To explore and support tools and methods for formative and summative assessment