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BMS Teaching Academy

Welcome to the BMS Teaching Academy

The BMS Teaching Academy supports and facilitates educational innovations, talent development of teachers and students by:

Teaching in this context is used to cover all activities related to teaching and learning at universities. These include

Aims and activities of the BMS Teaching Academy

explained by Prof. dr. Ciano Aydin, the academic director:

and Drs. Corrie Huijs,  former managing director:

These aims and the activities of the BMS Teaching Academy are visualised by:

Management and Contact

If you would like to get in contact with the BMS Teaching Academy you can send an e-mail to rianne.kaptijn@utwente.nl or teachingacademy-bms@utwente.nl. You can also call one of the secretaries on the phonenumber:  +31534893987 and +31534895701

Educational Experts associated with BMS

BMS E-Learning specialists


CELT Educational advisors (For support of BMS Teachers and Teacher TEams)