Cleaning work space

The cleanliness of a work space must meet the set requirements immediately after cleaning. The time of the cleaning depends on the how dirty the room is. The extent of accepted dirt is recorded in the contract.

In order to keep a work space as clean as possible, a tidy desk and a floor that is as empty as possible is desired. This allows Asito to perform their work optimally.

Standard services

The components included in the standard services are summed up below. They fall under the results-based programme.

  • Desk
  • Telephone
  • Chair (making it dust-free)
  • Floor
  • Cabinets exterior
  • Door
  • Cobwebs
  • Emptying and cleaning bin
  • Glass partitions
  • Edges, brims and grids

Windows cleaning

The façade windows (including frames) are cleaned at least once a year. You will receive a message when this has been planned.

Order method

For all questions and comments regarding cleaning, you can contact your building's Service Desk. Should the building not have a Service Desk, contact the general Service Desk at telephone number: (+31) (0)53 - 489 2400.

Delivery period

An execution date is agreed upon with Asito.


If you have requests for cleaning activities that are not covered by the standard services (directed activities), then you can contact your building's Service Desk. You can find an overview of the most common requests below. (price level 2016, prices ex. VAT)

Directed activities



PC cleaning (dusting exterior of screen and keyboard)

Price per item


Carpet cleaning (spray extraction method)

Price per m2


Top stripping and conservation (dual layered)

Price per m2


Stripping/sealing and conservation (dual layered)

Price per m2


Conserving new linoleum floors (one layer)

Price per m2


Cleaning printer

Price per item


Cleaning horizontal blinds

Price per m2


Cleaning vertical blinds

Price per m2


Cleaning lace curtains

Price per m2


Cleaning curtains

Price per m2


Renovation cleaning

Price per m2


Scrubbing hard floors

Price per m2


Spraying Forbo floors

Price per m2


Cleaning refigerator

Price per item


Cleaning microwave oven

Price per item


Cleaning display cabinet

Price per item



Contract management: CFM Facility Services (via General Servicedesk)
Operational management: Facility Service Team Leader
Operational execution: Asito

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