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Cleaning sanitation facilities

The sanitation facilities at the University need to constantly meet the set cleanliness requirements during the opening hours of a building. Asito will adjust the frequency with which the facilities are cleaned depending on the use intensity.

Standard services

The components included in the standard services are summed up below. They fall under the results-based programme. Every day, a second inspection in all sanitary facilities is performed for the sanitary equipment (between about 12:00 and 14:00). If necessary, the equipment is refilled.

  • Cleaning sanitary facilities
  • Floors
  • Cleaning and refilling the soap dispenser
  • Cleaning waste bins
  • Cleaning edges, brims, grids and doors

Requesting new sanitary facilities

If you have any requests for new sanitary facilities, then you can contact your building's Facility Service Team Leader.

Order method

For all questions and comments regarding cleaning, you can contact your building's Service Desk. Should your building not have a Service Desk, contact the general Service Desk at telephone number: (+31) (0)53 - 489 2400

Delivery period

The sanitary facilities are cleaned daily. If necessary, additional cleaning rounds will take place in order to meet the set cleanliness requirements.


Contract management: Martine Drewes
Operational management: Facility Service Team Leader
Operational execution: Asito

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