Cleaning sanitation equipment

A contract has been entered into with CWS for the sanitation equipment and products. They provide toilet roll holders, towel dispensers, soap dispensers, barrier mats, paper towel dispensers and feminine hygiene bins. They also provide consumables, such as bin liners and towel rolls. The various consumables are delivered centrally by CWS. Asito distributes the items to the various buildings, refils the soap dispensers, exchanges the towel rolls and restocks the toilet roll holders.

Order method

For requests regarding sanitary equipment you can contact your building's Facility Service Team Leader.

For all other questions and comments regarding cleaning and sanitary equipment, you can contact your building's Service Desk. Should the building not have a Service Desk, contact the general Service Desk at telephone number: (+31) (0)53 - 489 2400

Delivery period

If equipment does not work properly, then report this to the Service Desk. The defect must be repaired or a follow-up action must be scheduled within two working days (after CWS receives the report).


Contract management: Martine Drewes
Operational management: Facility Service Team Leader
Operational execution: CWS

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